Guiding Others Through Their Journey

Tracy Rockwell, the current director of the Houlton higher education center, is one of those people who is welcoming and strives to work hard for the students. She takes pride in being an open ear for the them. She teaches classes for UMPI as well. Rockwell currently teaches first year seminar and business communication. She has also taught a human resource management class in the past. Rockwell has taught for UMPI since 2011.

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UMPI’s Optimistic Historian

Professor John F. DeFelice is an associate professor of history at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He has been teaching at the university since Sept. 1, 2000. DeFelice teaches courses on the ancient world, premodern Europe, colonialism and modern China. He also teaches an honors seminar every few years. In addition, in some of the classes DeFelice teaches Reacting to the Past games. The Reacting to the Past games involve students taking on roles and writing assignments from the view of a specific person in history. Each role plays a part in the game. What is unique is that only a few other campuses in the United States are doing this as well.

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