Christmas in China

Christmas Scenery in China

Official statistics show that the percentage of China’s population who are Christians is only 1 percent, but an increasing number of Chinese people join the Christmas celebration family now because Christmas always brings with it enjoyment, fun,  harmony, peace and color to surround people in the drab winter season.  China also celebrates Christmas to meet together with friends, relatives and couples. Continue reading “Christmas in China”

Happy Thanksgiving!

American-Chinese Thanksgiving Meal in the Dr. Lu House

The fourth Thursday of November of every year in the United States and the second Monday of October every year in Canada both are Thanksgiving. In other places, similar festivals are celebrated in the same part of the year. Germany and Japan also have similarly named festival holidays. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Coming Home for Soccer

The University of Maine at Presque Isle held women and men’s soccer games with SUNY Canton of New York at Park Family Field to celebrate Homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018.

The UMPI women’s soccer team kept passing the ball very well.  In the first half, Hannah Nadeau overpowered defenses and got the first goal of the game at 5:54. In the second half, SUNY Canton got the chance to equalize the score.  Allison Wakefield and Ryan Shubert (both SUNY Canton) interacted to get a goal at the 61:55 mark. The Owls had many good chances to tip the balance, but always lost the back of the net. Finally, the game ended up with the last goal of senior midfielder Jaedyn Ossont of SUNY Canton at the 73:54. Continue reading “Coming Home for Soccer”

Upgrade Menu for the Cafeteria

     UMPI recently is developing the final draft of the UMPI Campus Master Plan. The purpose of the campus master plan is to optimize the use of resources to carry out and advance the best campus service by informing decision-making as regards amenities and surroundings. As Benjamin Shaw, chief business officer, said by email, “Campus Master Plan will establish a framework for future improvements across the campus, and serve as a navigational tool as we progress into the future.” Continue reading “Upgrade Menu for the Cafeteria”

An UMPI Face

Tong and Shaun white

    Tong Liu is an old face who is as well-known at UMPI as a sailor knows the open sea. Tong Liu comes from Beijing, the capital of China. He came to the University of Maine at Presque Isle to study five years ago.  He will get his bachelor’s degree soon in May 2018 with a major in Professional Communication and Journalism and a minor in Business Administration. Continue reading “An UMPI Face”

Wonderful, Scary Painting Night

People painting with Paula Ouellette Siddiqui.

    Thursday night, Oct. 26, the business club brought a fantastic painting night to UMPI. Paula Siddiqui, who is a local artist from Caribou, Maine, instructed its paint night. The fun activity was in hopes of raising funds for a trip to Washington, D.C.  That planned trip will create connection and further business knowledge. Continue reading “Wonderful, Scary Painting Night”