Getting UMPI on a Roll


Students and members of the community enjoy their time skating

       On Nov. 16, half of the basketball court in Gentile Hall became a roller skating rink!  The UMPI Student Activities Office, with the help of Neon Entertainment, orchestrated the event.  Roller skating was free for UMPI students and open to the community. Skates were also available at no cost.    Continue reading “Getting UMPI on a Roll”

The Dark, Damp Pursuit of Misty Munchies

Several slugs happily consume the flesh of an abandoned jack o’ lantern.


  It’s late evening in early November.  After day of rain, campus is teeming with wildlife looking for dinner.  The remains of a carved pumpkin from Halloween sit in the woods to decompose.  Slugs happily feed on the softened pumpkin flesh.  A wet carpet of decomposing leaves makes the forest floor the perfect environment for these soft-bodied mollusks.  Slugs will eat just about anything that grows in a garden and are considered to be pests.  These slugs are grateful for their nutritious meal and help dispose of the rotting pumpkin. Continue reading “The Dark, Damp Pursuit of Misty Munchies”

Maine Woods’ Quiet Autumn Joys

Autumn Meadowhawk

    It’s a particularly warm October day.  The sun is shining through the tops of the trees, through the red and yellow leaves still left.  As you approach a clearing, two red dragonflies fly through the air, dancing in the gentle breeze.  One lands, sunning itself on a rock.  Adult Autumn Meadowhawks (Sympetrum Vicinum) fly from late July to early November, flying later than any other species of dragonfly or damselfly.  They feed on mosquitos, providing a useful service as natural pest control.  The red dragonfly ascends, taking flight with another of its kind. Continue reading “Maine Woods’ Quiet Autumn Joys”

The Price of Nourishment

Harvard Healthy Eating Plate Infographic

  Another semester rolls around and meal plans continue to be a mandatory expense.  What are you paying for? Few changes have been made to the quality of service Sodexo provides, and students remain disappointed. The least expensive meal plan here costs $1600 a semester.  It includes 10 meals a week and $150 to spend at Starbucks or the Simply to Go market.  Continue reading “The Price of Nourishment”

It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child

“Spotlight” is an Academy Award winning movie about the molestation allegations against the Catholic Church.  The film is set in Boston and it follows members of an investigative team called Spotlight who work for the Boston Globe.  

    Beginning with a flashback, the central plot focuses on the way the Catholic Church sought to cover up any allegations made against priests.  As the journalists continued to work hard uncovering the truth, the scale of the scandal seemed to grow.  They began to realize that the epidemic was national–and even international–and that 6 percent of all priests had been accused of such acts. Continue reading “It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child”

The Truth Will Set You Free

All the President’s Men is a film about the Watergate scandal.  It follows the story of Woodward and Bernstein, two journalists writing for the Washington Post.  The film highlights the struggles journalists face when covering sensitive topics.  While Woodward and Bernstein work tirelessly in pursuit of the truth, it seems that several forces work against them.  
Continue reading “The Truth Will Set You Free”

A Moment in Time: The Pulitzer Prize

A black and white image depicts American soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima in 1945.  They are standing on the rubble of war, claiming victory for the U.S.  This iconic photograph is recognized by many.  It perfectly captures a moment in time.  “Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world,” Eddie Adams, Pulitzer prize winner said.  A photograph worthy of a Pulitzer tells a story in a way that a thousand words could not.  The story may not be easy to see, but it’s what people need to see. Continue reading “A Moment in Time: The Pulitzer Prize”