UMPI Senior Researches Mental Health Care in Maine Jails

Annunziata with Danielle Conway, Dean of the
Umaine Law School.

     One lecture presented on university day was called, “Continuity of Care in Maine’s Jails.”  Presented by UMPI senior Valentina Annunziata, the lecture was an overview of her research on mental health care in the state’s jails.  She was inspired to explore this topic by a guest’s testimony in Honors Women and Crime, a seminar course taught by Dr. Lisa Leduc.    Continue reading “UMPI Senior Researches Mental Health Care in Maine Jails”

Loneliest Stretch of Road

     Most people living in the county have found themselves driving on isolated roads at one time or another.  Some roads seem to go on forever, surrounded by nothing but trees.  One road in particular has earned a ghoulish reputation.  Route 2A runs through the Haynesville Woods in southern Aroostook County.  At one time, this road was one of the only options for travelling south to Bangor from northern Maine.  Known for its sharp turns and lack of traffic or houses, Route 2A was a source of anxiety for many truckers in the 20th century.  Its dangerous reputation was immortalized by country music artist Dick Curless with his song, “Tombstone Every Mile.”  Curless details how dangerous this lonely expanse was for the truckers hauling potatoes south along that “ribbon of ice” in the winter.  Continue reading “Loneliest Stretch of Road”

Tracking Down the Most Powerful Crooks

     How important can a reporter’s job become?  What consequences can a reporter’s story have?  “All the President’s Men” shows an inside look into just how dangerous and significant a reporter’s job can be.  Although the Watergate scandal is a household term today, many young people might not understand its significance or know the huge role that journalism had in bringing the guilty to justice.  This film explores the many challenges of being a journalist, although this time, a lot is on the line.  Two skilled but relatively unknown journalists, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, find themselves investigating crimes and accusing men at the very top of the government and intelligence agencies, including the president, Richard Nixon.  It makes a great movie but what makes it even more interesting is that it’s all true.  Continue reading “Tracking Down the Most Powerful Crooks”

Abominable Snowman Sighted on Campus

     UMPI sits on the edge of Presque Isle.  Most students are familiar with the bike paths and narrow trails through the woods behind campus.  If you wander through UMPI’s wooded backyard you will likely come across other students and at least a couple of the large gray-tailed squirrels that call UMPI home.  During one such walk in the first week of March, two freshmen claimed to have encountered something much hairier and smellier than any student or squirrel previously seen on campus.  Continue reading “Abominable Snowman Sighted on Campus”

Cabin Fever Solutions

Get out of the house and the snow at the Community Center.

     Anyone who has survived a Maine winter knows it can be long and isolating if you don’t have things to do.  Some residents enjoy outdoor winter activities such as snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding.  But many prefer to stay indoors in the winter months.  It’s easy to become restless and bored around this time of year.  The snowbanks are still steep and there isn’t a great deal of places to visit and things to do in frigid Aroostook County. But there is one option that Presque Isle residents haven’t always had the opportunity to use: the Sargent Family Community Center.  Continue reading “Cabin Fever Solutions”

Humanity on Display

kosovo refugee carol guzy

    The picture of the men hoisting the American flag at Iwo Jima is one of the most recognizable photographs in the U.S.  Taken by Joe Rosenthal, it represents the strength and perseverance of the soldiers fighting for the fate of the free world in World War II.  Over the decades it has come to be a symbol to Americans of patriotism and pride. Its power lies in the beautifully timed shot, showing the flag in motion as the six Marines work together to raise it.  The photo represents victory and the struggle and teamwork it took to achieve. Continue reading “Humanity on Display”

Mountain Lions in Maine?

Could these be prints of a mountain lion or an animal known to roam Maine.

     For those who grew up in northern Maine and enjoy outside activities, running into the animals that inhabit our woods is a common occurrence.  We have all seen families of white-tailed deer licking salt from the road in winter, or a lone moose slowly crossing a field.  Stay in Aroostook County’s vast woods long enough and you will likely encounter coyotes, black bears and porcupines.  But imagine seeing a critter that isn’t supposed to be living in our state at all.  That is what some Mainers have claimed, and sorry but this isn’t about Bigfoot.  Growing up in Maine, many of us heard stories about mountain lion or cougar sightings.   Continue reading “Mountain Lions in Maine?”