Harder, Stronger, Better

A lot of people are watching the UMPI vs FISHER soccer game.

The 2017 UMPI men’s soccer team has a lot of young, new players.  On Sunday, Sept. 17, the team started the game with five freshmen, again. During the previous three games, the players had been becoming familiar with the college game.  They had learned and practiced. For this match, they put in a full performance, the kind that all fans want to see every game.   The men won the game against Fisher with a score of 1 to 0. Continue reading “Harder, Stronger, Better”

A Special Present – The Oct. 1 UMPI soccer game


Do you remember that we lost a lot players due to injuries last game? Do you remember what Cody Blair definitively said after the last game? “We just need to get all guys healthy and have our starters back. We will see what happens once they come back.” Yes, they recovered and came back. That means that their confidence will return, their power will recover and they will prove themselves.

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Perfect Time! —The Oct. 1, 2016, UMPI soccer game


On Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016, there was a large audience at the soccer field to wait to watch the soccer game–UMPI VS UNITY. Part of the audience came from different cities or even countries. People returned to share news and memories and renew contact with their beloved alma mater. It was the perfect time—homecoming–to welcome them.

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Volunteers at the Biathlon

The IBU 2016 World Cup Biathlon was held at the Nordic Heritage Center, Presque Isle, Maine, Feb. 11-14, 2016. All the people involved with the Nordic Heritage Center were so excited to have this big event and welcome the athletes from all over the world. The staff members for this event are as remarkable as the athletes, because they are all volunteer. They are from different places and have different jobs. But they come for one thing: to contribute their time and passion for this big event.

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