Do You Need Something to Do Over Break?

     All right students! Who’s ready for winter break? Who doesn’t want to be cozying up to the fire and singing Christmas songs? Well, during your time away from UMPI, there are a lot of sports movies that are must see and in this story the author will break down some movies that are on his list for the break.

At the top of that list is “Moneyball.” Moneyball came out in 2011. It stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics general manager, and Jonah Hill as his co-star. This movie is about Billy Beane and his ability to put together a competitive team: a team that competes for the playoffs with a bunch of essentially nobodies. This movie focuses on the Oakland A’s 2001 season where they won 20 games in a row. If you have an interest in working in a sports office with a team one day, this movie does a great job of taking you inside the office. It really shows you the business side of things rather than the playing side, which we know all about as sports fans.

The next movie on the list is “Field of Dreams.” This movie stars Kevin Costner and it came out in 1989.  He lives in a place with a corn field. He keeps hearing a voice in his head tell him if he builds it, they will come. The voice is referring to his making a baseball field in his corn field. He ended up building the field and Kevin had some pretty historic visitors!

Next on the list is the “Blind Side.” This movie stars Quinton Aaron. His co-star is Sandra Bullock. Quinton Aaron plays the part of Michael Oher, who lives with a single mom in a bad neighborhood. One day his future adoptive mother, Sandra Bullock, drives by Michael coming home from a basketball game. She saw him walking and gave him a ride home, which was a bad place. She ended up adopting him. Michael wanted to protect his family and he did that through football. Then he went to Ole Miss for college and ended up getting drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

All in all, there are a ton more movies that the author has left out that are worth watching. Just look up the top 50 sports movies of all time and some links should pop up with some killer films on it.