Raw Energy Returns

Senior soccer player and notable student section lead voice when his team is not playing, Ethan Shaw, takes pride in being able to support the girls team as a fan. “I think we all do our fair share in cheering for our teams while at games.” Shaw humbly accepted the nomination as being the leader of the student section. His voice is heard across the entire athletic complex no matter how windy it is or how loud the rest of the crowd may be. “There are definitely those few people, myself included, who are the loudest and get the whole student section loud and crazy.” Shaw says he missed attending games as a student. However, “It’s made the hype of a regular season that much more enjoyable this year.”

Senior Ethan Shaw, stumbles over fellow senior goalkeeper, Xavier McAtee to save a goal- via Dave Allen.

As for Ethan’s boys team, they won the Aroostook League championship in last year’s abbreviated locally based season. They have continued their success from last season and have remained undefeated through the regular season. Shaw attributes some of his team’s success to Wildcat Nation. “Our fan presence hasn’t gone unnoticed.” The Presque Isle boys sit atop their region’s standings at 11 wins and one tie and are the clear favorite to clinch the top seed in Class B Boys North. Being the top seed means clinching homefield advantage all the way through the regional finals. “Our home field is turf, which has a huge effect on the way a game can be played. But I think our fans have just as much of an impact on the game as the field we’re playing on does,” Shaw said, anticipating possible advantages his team may have in the postseason. “Being able to play on a field you’re comfortable with, while having fans you love playing in front of, will definitely have an impact on our team’s success.”

If the Presque Isle boys were to advance to the state championship, they would have to travel more than five hours. No doubt Wildcat Nation will make that trek in support for their players and their community. For the Presque Isle soccer teams and everyone involved in fall sports, this year is a reminder not to take the little things, such as the raw energy and passion high school sports bring, for granted.