From the Mouths of Poets

contributor Brandy Smith and editor Jordan Haddad

Upcountry’s reading during University Day had a full room. With poems and short stories read by contributors to the journal, the audience hung to every well-thought-out word. “Upcountry” is a literary journal that accepts entries from the UMPI community once a year and puts out a journal containing great pieces of work by local writers. While many of their submissions are poems, they also get wonderful short stories varying in length.

Jordan Haddad has been an editor for “Upcountry” for three years. This was her first year helping with putting on a reading. Not only did she have a major role in organizing the event, but she also read one of her own pieces “Data Suggests.” “ Upcountry has been a very positive experience in my college career, and I am fortunate that I was given this opportunity to participate in this event, “ Haddad said.

Haddad is a senior at UMPI and so this was her last year participating in “Upcountry” and University Day.  “I’m very happy to have been a part of this year’s reading, as it is the first one that ‘Upcountry’ has held in quite some time. I think it was definitely a positive outcome as a whole,” Haddad said.

“It was both surprising and a little inspiring the diversity of people who read their stories. I didn’t realize how far outside of the English major the ‘Upcountry’ journal reached,” Alex Kimball, an UMPI student and attendee at the presentation, said. This reading was a unique and entertaining experience. It was also a great opportunity for the readers and audience members alike. “I would say that the reading went well this year… everyone did great!” Haddad said.