Killer on the Loose

     “I don’t know who is doing this, but whoever it is, they’re going to pay,” Angela Cote said. What she is referring to are the dead animals that keep showing up all over her yard. Mice, crows, pigeons and even squirrels have been found.

     “I have my suspicions about the neighbor across the street. I haven’t caught him in the act yet though, so I can’t be sure,” Angela’s husband Jacob said. “It’s scaring my youngest daughter and I’m honestly just sick of having to be the one to pick them up and take care of them,” he said

     After weeks of finding these animals, the couple finally decided to set up cameras to catch who the killer is. For the first few days, Jacob and Angela had no luck in catching them. No new animals showed up on the lawn. It seemed as though the killings had stopped.  After those few days, however, they found one small mouse, this time left right on their front steps.

     “I don’t understand why anyone would do this. Do they think it’s funny? Because it’s not. It’s just sad and gross,” Angela said as Jacob took care of the mouse.

     This time while checking the cameras it was revealed who the killer was.

     “I can’t believe it. How on earth did we not figure that out for ourselves?” Angela said. The killer had been none other than their own cat, Oliver.

     “Oliver is known for killing animals, but not to this degree. Usually it’s just one or two every few weeks. I guess he’s just excited for spring after being cooped up inside all winter,” Jacob said.

     Luckily, Oliver seems to be slowing down a bit now that’s he’s got all that energy out of his system.