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Finding out the gender of a baby is exciting for everyone. It’s especially exciting for the parents. Most of them want to know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl the day they find out that they’re pregnant. Some parents have preferences on whether their baby is going to be a male or female, and some of them don’t.

Melinda Harper and Kassandra Payne, two mothers with baby boys, answered some questions about gender reveals and their excitement about it.

Not everybody has gender reveal parties. They’re more of a modern day event, but they’re becoming more popular. Both Harper and Payne said that they didn’t have a gender reveal party. “I didn’t have one for my first baby, Cole, but I am for my second one,” Harper said.

Even if people don’t have gender reveal parties, they still like to attend them. Harper said that she has never been to one. Payne said that she has been to one, but there weren’t any games like there would be for a baby shower. “They had a barbecue, and there was a big box full of either pink or blue balloons and they opened it at the end of the party. Everyone wore the color of what they thought the gender would be,” Payne said.

As mentioned before, many people get excited about the gender, but where does the excitement start? Harper and Payne both said, “I got excited to find out when I found out that I was pregnant and I wanted to know the gender as soon as possible.” Both were “super excited.”

Many couples have preferences on what they want their baby’s gender to be, but some couples say that they don’t have a preference, as long as their baby is happy and healthy. Some people have a preference due to whom they grew up with. For example, Payne said, “I wanted a boy because I have three sisters and my boyfriend, Gregg, had two sisters and a niece. For my next baby, I want a girl.” Harper has two siblings, both female, and many female cousins, but she didn’t have a preference. “When I was pregnant with Cole I didn’t have a preference, but I’m hoping the baby that’s due in September is a girl.”

Many years ago, there wasn’t a way to tell what the gender was until the baby was born. During that time, people bought gender neutral items such as clothes, baby bags, cribs, stuffed animals, etc. In the modern day, most people wait until they know the gender, but some of them don’t. Harper and Payne both said that they waited until they found out the gender.

Once parents find out the gender, some of them go out and buy a lot of the items for their baby. Payne and Harper said that they both got one outfit for the child the same week they found out the gender. They both called it “an outfit to celebrate finding out the gender.”

It’s exciting to guess the gender of either your own baby, or someone else’s. Many parents have people guess what they think the baby is going to be, and it’s a fun time for everyone.