Behind the College of Arts and Sciences

For about a year, Pamela Easler has been a part of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. She does many different things to help it run smoothly. Her job is not one specific task. It is several and not always the same every day. Everything she does keeps her very busy. This ranges anywhere from keeping track of budget spending to helping other people accomplish their duties. “I provide administrative support for full-time and adjunct faculty.” She does all of this while maintaining close relationships with the faculty. This includes 23 full-time and (depending on the class schedule) around 30 adjunct faculty.

Easler’s support does not stop at faculty. She even helps students when they need it and gets them to wherever they need to go. Usually they come to her with troubles such as ordering books or helping with logging on to certain things. This is a part of her job that she really enjoys. “Students come here for help,” she said. She genuinely likes helping students. Even when she isn’t talking with them directly, she feels by assisting the faculty that she helps the students indirectly as well.

Easler has lived in Presque Isle, Maine, for the majority of her life and decided to go back to school in November 2013. She graduated from NMCC with a degree in Medical Office Administration. The degree allowed her to gain secretarial experience as well as get the job she has now. “It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it very much,” she said, with a smile. It’s a good fit for her here and she likes where she is.

Before Easler worked for the College of Arts and Sciences, she worked for TAMC for about six months. After that she worked for TriO. Even though she does her job well, it’s a place where she is continually learning things. She receives nothing but positive responses from those she works with. She said, “Everyone is always very appreciative. I have a really great group of faculty and I enjoy providing them support.”

Organization and people skills are things that are required for Easler’s job, and she has a great deal of both of them. She describes herself as someone who “always tries to be friendly.” These qualities make her an outstanding employee as well as person overall. Jason Johnson, chairman of the College of Arts and Sciences, said, “She has so many great attributes. She’s really good at keeping us all on task and getting things done.”

Easler has two grown children and one granddaughter named Kaylee. Even at the busiest times of the year, which happen to be both the beginning and the end of every semester she always enjoys her job. One reason among many others is because it gives her opportunities to be with her family. “It has nice hours and gives me time to be with my family, especially around the holidays.” Even though her job does give her the chance to spend time with her family, working is always a pleasure for her as well.

Easler’s dedication to her position at the College of Arts and Sciences allows her to succeed at her job. By working behind the scenes, it allows those to whom she provides support to do their jobs efficiently as well. The level of appreciation she receives is very much deserved. Whether it be keeping an electronic copy of every single course syllabus on record at the beginning of every semester or helping confused students figure out what they need to be doing in order to be successful themselves, she does it well.