New Rules on Smoking Required?

On June 1,  2013, the University of Maine of Presque Isle started its new smoking policy, which effectively made the campus into a tobacco-free school, prohibiting the use of any tobacco or non-FDA-approved nicotine products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic nicotine cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The policy applies to all full-time/part-time employees, faculty, students, contractors, vendors and visitors. But how does the policy work against the rise of Juul and other vape products? Professor Allen Salo and his assistant Kelly McNary may have the answers. Continue reading “New Rules on Smoking Required?”

Pantry Thief!

Recent photos have popped up all over campus to try to catch The Pantry Bandit. Witnesses say he stuffs his pockets to the brim and doesn’t even attend UMPI. The pantry is intended for students of the university to help one another out, and this so-called “man” takes without any care. The account to follow will express how terrifying this incident truly is. Continue reading “Pantry Thief!”

Where Are the Students?

Violets Office

Ever since its inception in 1903, the University of Maine of Presque Isle’s staff has always tried to make the campus feel like a second home to its students. But with just over 1,400 students enrolled, it can be difficult to make everyone feel at home. The  staff members attempt to set up events all across campus to gather all of the students.  But, unfortunately, that sometimes does not work out as planned. Violet Washburn, the coordinator of campus engagement of the university for the past two years, has noticed this. Continue reading “Where Are the Students?”