Student Leads the Discovery of Aroostook County’s Lost Town

What is Maysville? Thanks to UMPI student Evan Zarkadas and mentor Kim Sebold’s University Day presentation, we now know that Maysville was a town across from Presque Isle. Maysville was first settled in 1816 and was annexed into Presque Isle in 1883. Through research, Zarkadas learned about the history of the pioneers and infrastructure of Maysville. “You travel through Maysville every day,” Zarkadas said. Continue reading “Student Leads the Discovery of Aroostook County’s Lost Town”

Criminal Justice Club Goes to Prison for Recreation and Education

Nov. 8-11 of 2018, members of UMPI’s Criminal Justice Club went to Philadelphia. They raised money for the trip with fundraising, selling survival kits and selling raffle tickets. On the trip, the students went to some of the city’s most famous locations. That included Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia Zoo. Their University Day presentation focused on the haunted house attraction, “Terror Behind the Walls.” The attraction is at Philadelphia’s famous Eastern State Penitentiary.

The students were in groups of three. There are 150 actors as part of the six attractions. The attractions included escaping from a chainsaw wielding inmate, an infirmary, a machine shop, a crazy breakout, zombie inmates and a quarantine room. “I like how involved you were,” sophomore Zach Quint said. “They put me on a dentist table and pretended to clean my teeth,” freshman Devin Martin said. Continue reading “Criminal Justice Club Goes to Prison for Recreation and Education”

Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause

UMPI’s Wieden Hall auditorium was packed with spectators on Saturday, April 6, for a showing of John Cariani’s play: “Love/Sick.” Some of the money from the tickets goes toward renovations for the auditorium.

The play is written as nine short stories each involving two characters in a plot about love or mental illness. The mental illness is often satirical such as the “obsessive impulsive disorder.” That story involves two characters falling in love at first sight in a supercenter and hilariously failing to control their impulses to act on that love. The supercenter is mentioned in all of the stories as a running gag. The play itself brought the community of Presque Isle and others together for a night of laughter and enjoyment. There is a camaraderie among those involved with the performing arts in the area. Continue reading “Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause”

No More Snow in Northern Maine

You could have lived in Presque Isle, Maine, for the rest of your life without snow. Some people may be happy to hear that, others not. That is exactly what the city council thought on March 5, when they voted against a liquified melting product called “Melt-Tha-Sno.” The product would have been released into stores in Presque Isle. It is made from concentrated plasma. That plasma is provided by a meteor that crashed into the Loring Air Force Base in the 1960s. It can make snow instantly vanish. Continue reading “No More Snow in Northern Maine”

Owls Flying On and Off the Court

Dan talking to his players on the bench during a game.

Recruiting is the first part of building a college basketball roster. Establishing trust, buying into the system and creating a culture comes next. Players with diverse backgrounds, from all over the country, need to come together as one. The coach recruits them to play basketball. There are some coaches who go beyond that and want their players to have successful lives as students, athletes and as people. Daniel Kane, second-year head coach and athletic director at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, brings his players together with honesty, commitment and trust. Continue reading “Owls Flying On and Off the Court”

Pulitzer Winning Photos Are Interactive to the Mind

Where would the world be without photos? Movies wouldn’t be around. History and journalism are now more visual media than ever. Journalists use photos in television, the web and newspapers. People are drawn to imagery, no pun intended. Pulitzer Prize winning photos are the ones that you can sense. They are the photos in which you can smell, see, hear, touch and taste what is within the photo. They break your empathy and make you show emotions. They make you feel like a part of history by seeing them. That is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo. Photojournalists are responsible for capturing these photos and transporting them into people’s minds. Continue reading “Pulitzer Winning Photos Are Interactive to the Mind”

A Parliament of Owls on the Diamond

What does four and 29 mean to you? To the baseball team at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, four and 29 means nothing either. On paper, it was the Owls’ win-loss record. Many people might see that and make assumptions about the team’s ability to compete. The Owls want people to look past it. Teams aren’t built or coached on paper. Competition brings effort, and effort brings pride. UMPI baseball Coach Roger Stinson wants people to see the pride and not the record. He takes pride in coaching. “I love the sport, but it’s more about working with kids.” Roger is now in his first full-time season with recruiting and trying to build a culture at UMPI that emphasizes competing, responsibility and taking pride in being a baseball player. Continue reading “A Parliament of Owls on the Diamond”

Playoff Game Shows Owls’ Cohesiveness and Bright Future

Dan and the UMPI Owls discussing the gameplan in the huddle during a timeout.

On Feb. 16, the University of Maine at Presque Isle played SUNY Canton in the North Atlantic Conference quarterfinal playoff game. It was a back-and-forth game with many turning points. The Owls showed that they have a bright future because of their continuity and star power. They will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come in the NAC. In the game, the Owls tried to fly with their speed, while the Roos punched back with their size. Continue reading “Playoff Game Shows Owls’ Cohesiveness and Bright Future”