From the Mouths of Poets

contributor Brandy Smith and editor Jordan Haddad

Upcountry’s reading during University Day had a full room. With poems and short stories read by contributors to the journal, the audience hung to every well-thought-out word. “Upcountry” is a literary journal that accepts entries from the UMPI community once a year and puts out a journal containing great pieces of work by local writers. While many of their submissions are poems, they also get wonderful short stories varying in length. Continue reading “From the Mouths of Poets”

Something for Everyone

Alex Kimball stands by his poster.

‘Twas the night before University Day and all through the campus, every creature was stirring–especially the presenters. The poster session this year was well attended, with the Multi-Purpose Room in the Campus Center packed with viewers and presenters. The posters were hung on the walls with care and their audiences came in waves with open minds and questions to ask. Continue reading “Something for Everyone”

“Editor’s letter”

Hello folks,


I can’t remember the last time I’ve read something as emotionally powerful as “Charlotte’s Web.” I’ve searched the bottom shelves of children’s bookstores everywhere and nothing comes close. That pig and that big-hearted spider have changed my life and ruined any other piece of literature until now.

This issue of UMPI’s University times has stories so wild and so moving that they make “Charlotte’s Web” look like it’s made for babies. These students have real talent and I wouldn’t be surprised if among them was the next William Shakespeare.



The Cold Hard ‘Truth’

Are Yetis in Aroostook County?

This winter has been one for records in northern Maine. This winter not only stands out because of its snowfall, it stands out because of a record high amount of yeti sightings. Here in the County there are an average of six or seven yeti sightings every winter. This winter the number of encounters sky rocketed to a whopping 62 sightings. Now that winter is winding down, the number of sightings is dwindling, but excitement is still high. Continue reading “The Cold Hard ‘Truth’”

“The Love Is Still There” Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer

Jordan and Kathy Haddad

Jordan Haddad is a 22-year-old student and Maine resident. She spent most of her childhood being raised by her mother and father and arguing with her older and younger brothers.  Jordan’s life changed when her mother, Kathy, was first diagnosed with breast cancer when Jordan was around 10. Jordan’s older brother, John, was 12 and younger brother, Thomas, was 7. Continue reading ““The Love Is Still There” Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer”

Are You Going to U Day?

A day for UMPI to shine, University Day allows students to share what they’ve been working so hard on with an audience. In addition, it allows community members to immerse themselves in what the University of Maine at Presque Isle does every day. Many unique and interesting presentation happen throughout the day that students put lots of effort and time into.  Fellow students and community members are invited to watch. Continue reading “Are You Going to U Day?”

Editor’s Letter

Dear Readers,


I hope that you’re all doing well and enjoying life. Spring semester always goes by so fast, which is such a shame. The assignments fly by but so do all the fun times spent with friends, family and professors. It really is the small, fleeting moments that make you smile throughout the day that make it all worth it. Don’t let the quizzes and essays bog you down. Do your best and make the little things count.

We have many great stories in this issue that our staff writers did a wonderful job putting together. They always impress me with their creative ideas. The staff writers we have now are great and we’re always looking for more writers to add to the University Times family. Consider stopping by one of our meetings on the UMPI campus in Pullen 116 at 12:30 every Tuesday.

Have a great day,

Brandy Smith

Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer “She’s Still your Mom”

The sad truth is that we all will lose someone close to us in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, this happens to many when they are young and ill prepared. What is one of the most difficult things to go through is having to care for ill parents after they’ve taken care of us for so many years. How can we bear to have to see our role models on that downward spiral into poor health? Continue reading “Daughters Affected by Breast Cancer “She’s Still your Mom””

Editor’s Letter

Dear Readers,

     There is no greater reward for finishing your finals than winter break. Being able to celebrate the holidays, take a deep breath of relief and spend time with your loved ones makes all the hard work worth it. Fall semester is a tough one, especially since it turns into winter semester very quickly. Make sure you get in some rest and relaxation over break so you’re prepared for when spring semester, which is really still winter semester, rolls around.

     The issue we put together for the end of the semester is always a difficult one. All of our U Times staff are busy with finals and prepping for the holidays while also producing content for the paper. It’s a difficult balance but they do it so well and they deserve a big thank you. The best way to thank our great writers is to be great readers. Take time out of your break to sit down and read the stories they’ve written,. I promise they’ll be worth every word.

Happy Holidays,

Brandy Smith