Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Northern Maine is famous for its winter. With a ski mountain in our backyard and snowmobile trails, it’s a winter paradise. This year, however, fluctuating weather has given us both rain and snow leading to icy and dangerous conditions. The Big Rock Ski Resort even had to close on Feb. 14 due to the weather being too cold.

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A Diamond in the Ruff

Emma Ruff’s thesis is that she wants to promote conscious consumerism. Fashion’s always been important to her and she wants to make people question where their clothes are coming from. Her first year of college she heard the Rana Plaza Garment Factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1,130 workers because of a lack of oversight. Later that same day Ruff went to a store and saw clothes on the shelves from Bangladesh. This event inspired her thesis. If you would like to learn more about her thesis, you can visit her blog at

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Change on Campus

For some of us, Normal Hall has been a big part of our academics here at UMPI. Many of us have had classes there. And many faculty members have spent long hours in their offices there, correcting work and meeting with students. It was also the home of the University Times newspaper. Well, now that building is being emptied. And there are probably some who are wondering what will happen to it. And what does this mean for the rest of the campus?

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Volunteers at the Biathlon

The IBU 2016 World Cup Biathlon was held at the Nordic Heritage Center, Presque Isle, Maine, Feb. 11-14, 2016. All the people involved with the Nordic Heritage Center were so excited to have this big event and welcome the athletes from all over the world. The staff members for this event are as remarkable as the athletes, because they are all volunteer. They are from different places and have different jobs. But they come for one thing: to contribute their time and passion for this big event.

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The SEAM That Pulls Us Together

A batch of students sat around an oval table. For a close group of friends, they were unusually serious. They were discussing goals and fundraising. “Our goals are twofold: to be a bigger presence…and to get involved with the community,” Margaret Hart, the on-campus Student Education Association of Maine president, said.

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A Walk Worth Taking

February’s First Friday Art Walk started on the quiet second floor of the Center for Innovative Learning on the University of Maine at Presque Isle campus. Everyone viewed featured artist Owen Smith’s art and talked in hushed voices. Despite the quiet, the room had excitement buzzing throughout the air. There were pieces on display that one wouldn’t expect to see on the Reed Art Gallery walls. One consisted of a large collection of different scissors entitled “A Morphological Study of Potential Terrorist Acts.” Another was a collection of different variations of “Starry Night” by Van Gough that Smith bought from many different artists online.

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