The Circus Is Back in Town!

     The Dingling and Bros. group will be staying in the vacant dorm rooms on UMPI’s campus for the duration of their show’s schedule. Ricky Goupille, a second-year student at UMPI, lives off campus but spends his free time with friends in the dorms. He says that he is mostly excited, but nervous about the animals. “I guess the lions and elephants are going to be kept near where the old wind turbine was on campus,” he said. “Which is pretty far from campus buildings.  But still. What if the lions break free? I have friends that could get eaten! That’s my only reservation.” He said that having carnies in the dorm halls will make campus life more interesting for the length of the stay. “The dorms are quiet,” he said. “Which isn’t a bad thing, because after all we’re here to study.  But I’m ready for some excitement and new faces. Especially during finals week.”

     Rice hopes his optimism about this unlikely event will inspire his students. “I’m letting the Dingling and Bros. stay here free of charge,” he said. “In exchange for them to teach me how to ride a unicycle. Part of the deal is for them to also offer students lessons if they’re interested in learning with me.” Several students, including Goupille, have already expressed interest in these lessons. “Really, I think this event will not only draw a big crowd,” Rice said. “But it will also teach a lot of people how to unicycle.” 

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