What We Can Learn from the Movie ‘Spotlight’

     The film “Spotlight” tells the true story of the reporters who uncovered a shocking scandal in the Catholic Church. In 2001, allegations of sexual abuse against a Boston priest surfaced. The Boston Globe reporters investigated the case and found a much bigger story. Thousands of children had been abused by priests all over the world and the Catholic Church had been covering it up. The Boston Globe Spotlight team played an important role in getting justice for these victims. 

Scene from the film.

     Many people know about this story because it was an important and heartbreaking event in history. But the film shares some information many people would not know. When serious crimes come to light, most people think of the victims, police investigators and lawyers involved. Many people would not be aware of the role journalists play. This film shows how important journalism is in the fight for justice. 

     “Spotlight” does not depict a rare example of reporters changing the world. It represents how journalism operates in society. This film will not only teach people about a tragedy uncovered by the Boston Globe. It will teach people about the endless pursuit of the truth. The job of a journalist is to tell the truth and hold people accountable for their actions at all costs. In this way, journalism is necessary to uphold democracy, justice and the greater good. 

     Robby, Mike, Sacha and Matt were all Spotlight reporters who gave up a lot to pursue this truth. Many of the reporters worked tirelessly at all hours. They received backlash from the Catholic Church and its supporters. Some even struggled to face the facts based on their own religious views. The information was shocking and the job was very demanding. They did not give up.

     Still, there was a lot for the reporters to gain. They knew that publishing this story could help thousands of people get justice. It would expose abuses of power and prevent them from happening again. Publishing the story, no matter how difficult or painful, was the right thing to do. It changed the lives of many.

     “Spotlight” is an excellent film that can teach people about the role of journalism and the importance of the First Amendment. Without freedom of the press, this story never could have been written. Without this story, positive change could not have been made in the Catholic Church. 

     The award winning movie “Spotlight” tells the true story of four Boston Globe reporters who uncover a shocking truth about the Catholic Church. After hearing of an accusation made against a local priest, the Boston Globe reporters begin investigating what they think is a single case of sexual abuse. What they find is much worse. “Spotlight” is a film that shows just how far journalists will go to uncover the truth. With one story, they can change the world.