‘All the President’s Men’ Sneak Peek

     Woodward contacts his anonymous source, nicknamed “Deep Throat.” At first Deep Throat refuses to give him any more information about the Watergate incident. But he eventually ends up agreeing to meet in private. The next day Deep Throat and Woodward meet after Woodward takes several taxis to meet him in an abandoned parking garage. Woodward pushes for information, but all that Deep Throat gives him is to “follow the money.”

     Woodward and Bernstein do exactly that, from discovering secret money addressed to the robbers to finding leads in CREEP, the Committee to Re-Elect the President (Richard Nixon). The money trail they were chasing helped them discover a secret fund of $1 million in CREEP. Woodward and Bernstein follow the money trail through CREEP employees and even get an interview with a bookkeeper. She would not give specific names, but was willing to confirm the secret money fund. Bernstein and Woodward discovered more and more evidence against CREEP and who exactly was involved. 

     Woodward has one more meeting with Deep Throat where he gives Woodward the last missing information on the Watergate break in and confirms that it is a conspiracy that goes through many of the intelligence agencies in the government. He warns that Woodward and Bernstein’s lives are in danger. This brings us to one of the most important scenes where Woodward goes to Bernstein’s home and the two type on the typewriter to communicate because they are concerned about electronic surveillance. During their exchange, Woodward tells Bernstein what Deep Throat told him about the conspiracy and the Watergate break in being related to the government’s intelligence agencies. 

     The two men bring their information to Bradlee and start to write their story. As they are diligently working on their case, Nixon is reelected. Even though Nixon is reelected, shortly after, when Woodward and Bernstein‘s story gets out, all of the president’s men are being convicted of crimes. At the end of the movie, Nixon steps down from office and Gerald R. Ford becomes the President of the United States.

      Why is this movie worth watching? Well, for starters, it’s a true story, so you’ll be able to learn a bit of history. It’s also not predictable. Movies made in this time seem to have different depth and character. The film is no different. From exciting tension to mysteries that keep you on the edge of your chair, this movie is perfect for any crime and detective lovers: not just for the entertainment, but for the telling of this amazing story. Woodward, Bernstein, Bradlee, and the Post did so much for all Americans. They brought the story out into the open even though few had any faith in it. They gave the American people the truth and brought wrongdoers to justice. That is what makes this movie worth the watch.