‘All the President’s Men’ and the Importance of Journalism

     As journalists, we can build upon these lessons by continuing to share accurate information. This will help keep the public informed and encourage trust in journalism and the news media.

Promotional Piece for ‘All the President’s Men’

     When a burglary takes place at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward are assigned the story. What begins as an investigation of this crime soon turns into the story of one of largest political scandals in history. In the face of constant doubt, deception and misinformation, Bernstein and Woodward remain committed to the story, risking their reputation and even their lives to uncover the truth. This 1970s film is not simply a riveting account of an event that changed American politics forever, it is a testament to the significance of journalism in a world where democracy is constantly under threat.