UFO Driver Gets DUI

    An extraterrestrial space being was arrested on charges of driving under the influence last Tuesday. Officer Smith came across the strange vehicle driving erratically through the air 9 p.m. in Mars Hill. The driver was reported going 20 over the speed limit, flying erratically off the road and hitting several treetops before Officer Smith pursued the vehicle. 

Mars Hill’s Route 1 Main Street is getting new drainage systems, sidewalks and other work as part of a $5 million road work project along 1.6 miles of Route 1 in Blaine and Mars Hill.

     Resident Karl Knocks saw the entire event unfold. “He was off the road going every which way and I was scared for him and anyone else on the road,” Knocks said. “I put in a call to the station because if I hadn’t and someone got hurt, I would feel awful.”   

     Officer Smith took the call as he was near the area. The suspect led Smith on a chase lasting about 15 minutes before the vehicle came crashing to the ground. Smith was the first on the scene and confirmed nobody was hurt in the crash and the vehicle received little damage. But the extraterrestrial was placed under arrest after failing several sobriety tests including the breathalyzer, blowing a 1.6. 

     “It’s a dangerous world out there and when you’re behind the wheel drunk, you’re creating that danger,” Smith said. “I’m just glad nobody was hurt and that he can live another day.” 

     The suspect had multiple beer bottles in his UFO and several vehicle violations discovered after a quick search. He was also reported littering and more beer bottles were collected down the road.  

     “Never seen anything quite like it, to tell you the truth. But laws need to be followed,” Smith said. The suspect could provide neither a driver’s license nor his registration when asked by Officer Smith. The extraterrestrial being will be facing charges and spending time in Presque Isle’s jail.  “It’s a tough lesson to learn. But my hope is that the roads are safer,” Smith said.