Marvel Just Got Real! UMPI Scientist Discovers Vibranium

     Not everyone approves of Feigel’s findings. An UMPI student named Janelle Berkfeild believes Feigel lied. “Vibranium,” she said, “doesn’t come from anywhere in the United States. If it did, it would have already been discovered. The only place in the world with real vibranium deposits is Wakanda. That and a few deposits in surrounding countries,” she said, “This is a hoax, and here is what is really happening. Frederick Feigel stole the vibranium, and he is not donating it to research. I don’t know where he got it, but I won’t fall for his ‘Lucky Rock Sample’ story. He is going to sell it to Hydra!”

     According to Marvel comics, Hydra is an organization for world domination. It began as a cult in ancient times. Over history, it evolved and took part in the Nazi domination in World War II. They have lost many battles, but many claim the group still thrives. 

     Berkfeild wants other UMPI students to protest Feigel’s scheme. Her boyfriend, Nathan Forge, helps her in her efforts. They have walked throughout campus, wearing Marvel merchandise and passing out fliers. The fliers say at the top, “Be Like Our Heroes!” The fliers claim that Hydra uses the campus. “Hydra has a bigger operation going on,” Forge said, “And we can’t let them control our schools.”

     Some people do not believe Wakanda exists. Feigel has frequently denied the claims that have spread through UMPI. Berkfeild and Forge still keep on. 

     “The Marvel movies are fantasy, made-up stories with made-up characters,” Berkfeild said. “But they talk about real things that the elite class doesn’t want us ordinary people to know.”

     Berkfeild hopes her efforts will turn into a nationwide movement. Many students are joining her cause. They named the actions of Feigel and his research team, “The Hydra Scandal.”

     “I didn’t really take Marvel movies seriously until recently,” Calvin Richarson, a full-time student at UMPI, said. “But now, I’m going to do everything I can to fight against this conspiracy. Hydra better watch out, because it’s going down!”

     Many students and faculty have begun a new trend. They often wear Marvel T-shirts to campus. Throughout the library, Captain America shields, the Hulk, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Black Panther are a few of the Marvel icons the students wear. 

     “We are making lots of progress to shut Hydra down by informing one person at a time,” Berkfeild said with a smile, “I get so excited seeing other people wearing their Marvel merch and spreading the word. Anyone out there who’s listening, please put on your Marvel T-shirts and join the movement!”