The Spring Cleaners’ Guide

     “The Bee organizer is a visual micro-organizer. Out of sight out of mind,” Aarssen says. This type of organizer should use open shelving, lots of hooks and displays. They tend to be detail-oriented perfectionists and often will procrastinate until they acquire the proper tools. If you are a bee organizer, you should get your needed supplies for cleaning ahead of time.

     “The Ladybug is a hidden macro-organizer. They don’t like visual clutter and keep their things stored away,” Aarssen says. Ladybugs also need a fast, easy approach to organization as they are macro-organizers. If you are a ladybug organizer, lots of big baskets, containers and draw dividers will probably work best for you.

     “Next we have the Crickets, a hidden micro-organizer also known as the traditional organizer,” Aarssen says. Cricket organizers like their things out of sight and stored away in a proper manner. If you are a cricket, chances are great you do not need any advice for spring cleaning.

     “Lastly the Butterfly organizer is a visual macro-organizer. They don’t think in detail but rather the end goal,” Aarssen says. Butterfly organizers like to keep their things stored out in the open where they can see and go through them. “This type of organization tends to lead to a lot of mess,” Aarssen says. Filing cabinets and categories tend not to work for these organizers. Instead try shelving storage and hanging baskets and hooks for wall storage. 

     Spring cleaning can be a less stressful activity whether you are a Bee, Ladybug, Cricket or Butterfly organizer. Clutter does not stand a chance this spring. Those who want to learn more about Cassandra Aarssen’s system can do so online through her website “”