The Spring Cleaners’ Guide

 We all have that one closet that we refuse to open. It’s a stockpile of random memories from years back in the form of a jumbled mess behind a closed door. Spring is just around the corner, bringing its infamous chore of spring cleaning. That’s no easy task, but a few tips might make spring cleaning  more manageable. 

     Cleaning can be overwhelming when looking at the big picture. Taking on too many projects at once can often lead to a bigger mess than before. Remember to pace yourself. Starting small, in one area at a time and looking for little details within those areas, keeps a contained workspace. Rearranging, organizing and decorating can offer a fresh start to our everyday lives.

     Whether you are a visual organizer or a hidden one, Cassandra Aarssen, a professional organizer, has the perfect solutions for you. Aarssen categorizes a person’s way of organization into different types of groups.

Cassandra Aarssen at Her Work space.

There are the visual organizers or the hidden organizers and then there are the micro thinkers or the macro thinkers. Visual organizers like to see their things opposed to the hidden organizers who store their things away. Micro thinkers are more detail oriented, whereas macro thinkers are more likely to view the bigger picture and not the small details. When it comes to organizing, all people have a method that they may prefer over others. What type of organizer are you? “You’re not messy, you just organize differently,” Aarssen says. Aarssen’s own style of organization is “slightly chaotic macro categories,” or a ladybug organizer, by her own system.