Speaking Up for High School Seniors’ Final Months

     After starting a poll on Instagram asking, “If MDHIS was to host a COVID regulated event, would you go?” 158 people saw it. Ninety percent said yes. Trying to get more knowledge on what to plan, they asked, “If you said yes, what would this event look like?” The most common response was, “We need a PROM!” The poll asked another question on what it means to the seniors: “ Why did you say yes?” Amber Rinaldi summed up how most seniors feel when she said, “ I feel like I missed out on a lot in my senior year, and I regret that so much.” 

     After talking to more seniors, Katie Smith stood out when she said, “I have worked so hard to be the best I can. To just forget and not have anything….” She pointed out just how much being a senior means and how seniors haven’t gotten that normality this year.

     MDIHS principal Matt Haney is in full support of the seniors and their efforts. He said, “Even though I am busy and unable to help plan the event, I am supporting you all the way.” COVID rules have made more options for the seniors to plan something. Haney agreed with the students and said, “Last year when COVID hit, there was nothing for the seniors. This year we have more opportunities.”  

     The seniors at MDIHS have come together and showed that they deserve something to enjoy the moments they have left together. Taking what they have learned with them from the pandemic, the class of 2021 will join the adults of society. One of the most crucial lessons they will take with them is that they are not as strong alone as they are united. When united, they can change even the worst of situations and bring people together.