NAC Conference Meeting Overview: Spring Athletics

     There will be more obstacles, such as wearing masks while playing among other restrictions.  But that doesn’t mean UMPI is going to give up on all hopes of a season.

     The good news is that Maine is very fortunate to not have as many cases as the rest of the country with this global pandemic known as COVID. So more things are possible here right now than other places as it pertains to sports and playing.

     This year’s NAC meeting will include a conversation on whether there will be conference play. For the players they want to have conference play to crown a NAC champion but with the conditions we’re living in is it a wise decision to have conference play? 

     This conversation will discuss all spring sports coming up, not just baseball. Normally a season for the baseball team at UMPI consists of 40 games. This season the team is looking for a 30 game season, which considering the pandemic isn’t bad. 

     Although conference play is a big deal to all the coaches and the players, it’s not going to be conference play or nothing. The spring teams will have seasons in their respective sports whether it’s conference play or not. 

     UMPI planned to play Fisher this year, but the games were canceled. This is because Fisher is testing three times a week while UMPI is not. UMPI is sticking with once a week unless something drastically changes. But spring sports for UMPI will only take place in the state of Maine, so UMPI athletics can’t travel out of Maine to play.