2021 Brings Hope That COVID Will Come to an End!

     Happy New Year from Gentile Hall!  Hopefully 2021 will bring hope and less stress to everyone.  You can kick start your diet with a cleanse that consists of eating no chips, no soda, no candy, no cake, no doughnuts, no French fries, no pizza, no ice cream, no juice, no white bread and no fried food for one month.  If you need motivation for a workout routine please email me so that we can set up a Zoom appointment.  I have been doing Zoom appointments only for personal training because of the pandemic.  My email is keli.marston@maine.edu

     Don’t forget that Gentile Hall is open for students, faculty and staff.  Our hours of operation have changed, so look at our website at umpi.edu/gentile-hall.  If working out inside makes you nervous, then check out our ski and snowshoe rentals.  You can get outside and enjoy some fresh air at Aroostook State Park or the Nordic Heritage 

Center to get some exercise.  Stop by our front desk or email Dick Gardner at richard.gardner@maine.edu

     Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially as we navigate through this pandemic.  Staying connected with friends and family is very important.  Try doing things virtually with friends and family.  Sip and paints are a nice and relaxing way to be with friends and family without putting yourself at risk of getting sick.  Try downloading Headspace. It’s a free app that has many useful tips on meditating, yoga and other mental health techniques that can help with stress and anxiety.  

     Let’s all stay safe and healthy!