Trick or Treat

Why do people say Trick or Treat? I think we should cut to the chase and ask for what we really want: treats, treats and even more treats. To heck with the tricks, that’s puppy stuff for Saint and me. We are certified service dogs, and we won’t be doing tricks for anybody. We talked it over, and my sister and I are going to ask only for treats.

Hey everybody, Dusty here, and I’m so excited for Halloween this year! I know it must be soon, because the leaves are crunchy on my paws. I can almost smell all the candy, and it’s getting hard for me to wait! I haven’t quite decided on what I want to be, but even if I did, I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise before the Halloween party. Last year, my big sister Saint
and I were a huge hit. We dressed up as cats! It was hilarious! I mean, c’mon now, dogs as cats!Does is get any crazier than that? It was a foolproof couples costume, and it’s going to be a hard one to beat this year.

I have newfound respect for cats. Wearing these ears gets really uncomfortable.

Last year was my first Halloween at UMPI, but lucky for me, Mummy teaches a lot of classes, and I got to party with all of them. All of the kids wear masks, and not just the masks they wear on other days. These masks have faces on them, and some of the faces are really scary. I hope there aren’t any scary ones this year, because Saint and I are going to six different
Halloween parties in one day. Even better, some of the kids bring candy to the parties! When Mummy isn’t looking, I’m going to grab their wrappers out of the garbage. Goodness I love Halloween!

Best wishes,

Dusty Lowman