A Pumpkin’s Ending

Orange, spooky smiles light up doorsteps for the festivities of Halloween. The pumpkin becomes famous this time of year and rightfully so. Many take part in the tradition of carving jack o’ lanterns. Sales
skyrockets and millions of pumpkins make their way into homes. It is a perfect ending–almost. Millions of pounds of pumpkins end up in landfills each year. Pumpkins are an organic waste. There are many
ways to reuse or responsibly dispose of pumpkins.

Two Pumpkins in Different Cycles of their Lives.

You can add pumpkins to your compost bin. Any and all seeds should be removed beforehand. The birds are likely to feast upon these. In fact, some animals are known to eat the entire pumpkin. Wildlife such as deer and squirrels are known to snack on pumpkins. Many zoos collect pumpkin donations after Halloween. Animals love the taste, and we don’t blame them.

Lately, the perfect fall flavor of pumpkin spice has taken over. Recipes online say how to make this Halloween squash into tasty desserts and appetizers. But if these great options for using leftover pumpkins are not for you, there are other ways to naturally dispose of them.

An easy way to dispose of a pumpkin is to bury it. By burying pieces of the pumpkin in soil, you are allowing nature to do the rest of the work. Over time, the pumpkin pieces will break down and enrich the soil. This is great for plants especially. And if all else fails, smash it. It is eco-friendly and entertaining.

The pumpkin is great from beginning to end. It is a tradition with seemingly no downside. Fewer pumpkins now end up in landfills, but we still have a way to go. There are many fun, eco-friendly ways to dispose of pumpkins. This can be the year we choose to honor the pumpkin by disposing of it properly.