Spring Cleaning at Gentile Hall!

Spring is such a great time of the year for mud and water!!  We sure have a lot of it with all the snow melting.  Here at Gentile we have decided to stop cleaning the facility until mud season is over.  So we welcome all to come on in and wear their muddy, wet shoes in the facility for the next month.  We feel that this will be great for all the cardio equipment and people walking barefoot in the locker rooms.  The more sand and dirt you bring into the pool area will make it feel like we are at the beach, which will really help with the winter blues.

I know this is the time of year that everyone is getting beach body ready with summer right around the corner.  So we have decided that it’s OK to go shirtless in the fitness center.  We find it very entertaining watching people take selfies and flexing in the mirrors.  We encourage our weight room users to slam the weights as much as possible: we have all decided that we miss the summer and enjoy listening to the sound of thunder throughout the building.  Not only is it great for the plates and barbells, but it marks the floors in beautiful patterns.  We also challenge anyone willing  to use copious amounts of chalk in the fitness center because we have decided that it looks good on the black mats.

I will start teaching a new fitness class that requires wearing an ‘80s thong unitard with leg warmers, head bands and big hair.  I’m bringing back the Jane Fonda aerobics workout so it will be lots of fun to join in.

It should be a wonderful spring here at Gentile and we challenge everyone to a window decorating contest.  Feel free to put your sweaty hands and foreheads on all our windows and doors, because we think it will make the facility look prettier.  For any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at keli.marston@maine.edu.