It Floats at the For

This years theme at Fright at the Fort was based on Stephen King’s horror novels.

Imagine delving deep into the belly of a historical fort while running through cornfields, being chased by clowns with chainsaws and rounding a corner only to be confronted by the twin girls from Stephen King’s “The Shining.” This is exactly the kind of fright that happened on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Fort Knox. Continue reading “It Floats at the For”

Painting With a Little Extra Punch

There’s nothing quite as lively as sitting at a table in the early afternoon, sipping some punch while painting a picture of a cute snowy owl on a blank canvas. On Friday, Sept. 28, the University of Maine at Presque Isle hosted a Paint and Sip event as part of its Homecoming Friends and Family Weekend. Continue reading “Painting With a Little Extra Punch”

Always Say Yes to Buying a Plane Ticket to Asia

Hilary Corna kicks off the University Day theme _This I Believe_ with her inspiring story and #dareyourself movement.

     What did you do when you graduated from college? You probably didn’t buy a one-way plane ticket to Singapore with nothing but $2,000, a dream and two months to find a job. This is exactly what Hilary Corna, author of “One White Face” and the woman behind the #dareyourself movement, did.

     Corna was a part of the Distinguished Lecturer Series and helped kick off University Day by speaking directly after the poster session. In addition, she attended some of the afternoon classes to share her story and invite students to attend the talk in the evening. Continue reading “Always Say Yes to Buying a Plane Ticket to Asia”

You Will Now Be Able to Major In Memes at UMPI

     Memes have influenced our lives, whether we intended them to or not. This is why the University of Maine at Presque Isle is launching a brand new online program in the Fine Art of Memes. The program will collaborate with the Meme Academy and will take approximately two years to complete. Allowing students to earn an Associate’s Degree in the Fine Art of Memes.  Continue reading “You Will Now Be Able to Major In Memes at UMPI”

Matt Beilis Serenades the Crowd with Music and Milkshakes

The Student Activities Office hosts musican, song-writer and music producer Matt Beilis.

    It’s the day before Valentine’s Day.  What better way to kick it off than being serenaded by singer, songwriter and music producer Matt Beilis? With the lights low and candles flickering on the tables, the lively and upbeat Beilis wooed the crowd with his keyboard. He combined a set of original and cover songs to set the mood. Continue reading “Matt Beilis Serenades the Crowd with Music and Milkshakes”

Laughing at What Unites Us

Comedian Dulcé Sloan brings laughter to Wieden Auditorium on November 18.

     It was a night of laughs in Wieden auditorium on the night of Nov. 18. With a dusting of snow on the ground, comedian Dulcé Sloan, clad in an oversized Cabela’s zip-up hoodie and boots, traveled all the way from New York City to Presque Isle to bring some comedy to northern Maine. Continue reading “Laughing at What Unites Us”

Try to Read These UnREEDable Words

A closeup of one of Todd Camplin’s pieces from his show UnREEDable Words.

It’s hard to believe that lines and shapes could be so interesting.  But Texas-based artist Todd Camplin proved that with his art showing of UnREEDable Words. This show took place in the Reed Art Gallery located on the second floor of the Center for Innovative Learning. Continue reading “Try to Read These UnREEDable Words”

New Student Activities Coordinator Puts a Unique Spin on Things in SAO

Violet Washburn, Tabitha Lewey and Sam Carpenter at orientation.

    If you’ve ever been inside the Campus Center, there is an excellent chance that you’ve passed by the bright blue walled office of Student Activities. If you peek in, you’ll often find the work study within planning events and making posters. This is where you’ll also find Violet Washburn, the new Coordinator of Campus Engagement and International Student Affairs. Continue reading “New Student Activities Coordinator Puts a Unique Spin on Things in SAO”

“A Look Through the Pinhole with Camera Obscura”

It was dark inside the room. The only light came through a little pinhole that projected the image of the outside onto the wall across the room. At first, as your eyes adjusted, you didn’t quite know what you were seeing but then the image of the parking lot outside the building began to materialize right before your very eyes. This experience is known as camera obscura.

    “It’s kind of like the beginnings of photography,” Samantha Riding said. She was a non-judged presenter at the University of Maine at Presque Isle’s University Day. She wanted to share a new experience with all those that stopped by her exhibition in the Pullen Art room.

    Instead of presenting, Ridings exhibition was non-traditional. It was something you had to experience firsthand. First, you were directed into the dark room where you could see the reversed image of the parking lot projected onto the wall through a small pinhole in the wall. After that, you could view Ridings photography work which was different variations of camera obscura. You had the chance to even look through a Pringles chip can like a telescope. With a thin paper covering the other end, you could see the reversed image of a window with the light filtering through.

    “It’s really easy to do. Just block out a window, cut a little hole in it and that’s it,” Riding said.

    Riding is a National Student Exchange student from Utah where she had been studying photography. Ever since she was young, she had always been interested in the art of photography and in 2011 she received her first DSLR camera. “I was just kind of learning on my own and then when I got to college I started taking classes,” Riding said. Continue reading ““A Look Through the Pinhole with Camera Obscura””