The Bachelor of Social Work: A Vastly Diverse Career

Lauren Harris, Michaela Therrien, Shirley Rush (l-r) (respectively BSW students, and program director). June 9, 2018, Kibosho, Tanzania, celebrating end of Ramadan. The day is called Eid al-Fitr, the greeting is Eid Mubaraka, blessed celebration.

     If you are a student looking for career that is vastly diverse (administration, direct client contact, advocacy, education, health and mental health) and want to work with a range of client systems (individuals, families, groups, agencies and communities) with a wide array of populations (military, elders, adults, youth, LGBTQ, children, urban, rural, global), you might be interested in a career in social work.  The BSW Program at UMPI provides an opportunity for students to explore and discover professional knowledge, values, skills and cognitive/affective processes that will prepare them for a lifelong career in the service of others.  BSW students are encouraged to grow both personally and professionally through self-awareness and self-actualization.  Our small class size and supervised international and domestic internships foster student competence through the application of theory to practice.  Students are challenged to confront their own biases, to stretch beyond their comfort zones and to base their discoveries on research evidence as well as personal experience to continually assess and improve their professional, ethical and cultural competencies.  Our BSW faculty are waiting to meet you.  Please join us at our annual “Meet and Greet,” Tuesday, Sept. 4 2018, 12:30-1:30 p.m. South Hall, faculty lounge.  FMI contact, BSW Program Director Shirley Rush, MSW, 207-768-9427 or