Sometimes the Best Service Dog Is a Horse

Angel Is Trotting Around Dr. J’s Yard

Dr. Jacqui Lowman has had Saint, who has been helping with her mobility needs, for the last nine years.  “Saint has been a good dog.  But unfortunately, it’s time for me to look for another service animal,” Dr. J said.  As much as she has enjoyed having Saint, she has decided to go with something that will live longer.  Dr. J has decided to get a horse.  “Her name is Angel and she is a Dales Pony.  She is black and will be 30 inches tall when she is fully grown,” Dr J said.  Dr. J decided to get a pony over another dog because of the heartache.  “Dogs have been great, but it’s always breaking your heart when they die.  My miniature would live two to three times longer than a dog, so I wouldn’t have to go through the heartache as often,” Dr. J said. Continue reading “Sometimes the Best Service Dog Is a Horse”

Photos That Stood Out

Who hasn’t taken a picture?  Most everyone has some form of social media and has taken a photo and posted it and has received praise for how good it looked that day.  Well, for photojournalists, that isn’t always the case.  They may post pictures on the web and show a story they covered and receive praise for it.  But they have to sometimes go to some of the worst natural disasters and get photos of them.  “You rage inside at the helplessness.  To try to deal with it, you seek out elements of humanity and courage.”—Carol Guzy.  Continue reading “Photos That Stood Out”

The Mother of UMPI

Nancy Nichols smiles as she awaits her next appointment.

There’s nothing any greater than a mother figure. Nancy Nichols seems to fulfill that role for many people.  Nancy started working as an administrative specialist at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in 2011 and has been making parents and students alike feel right at home ever since. ” My position is the administrative specialist for the admissions office. I do a multitude of things, mostly taking care of visitors when they come.  Organize their campus visits and groups visits from high schools that come visit the school,” Nancy said. Continue reading “The Mother of UMPI”

When UMPI Is the Place to Be

Who says video games are just for kids? Jennifer Ball’s favorite pastime is playing World of Warcraft or Diablo.  The second of three children, Jennifer grew up in Portage, Maine.  Though she doesn’t have any children of her own, she has always loved working with students. “Mainly just because I wanted to be able to interact with people on a regular basis,” Jen said. Jen got her position as an administrative specialist at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in January 2018.  “My job is to serve the housing and residence life associate director and the director of our health services,” Jen said.  Jen had been trying to land a position at UMPI for the last 12 to 15 years, wanting a job that allowed her to work with students and community members. Continue reading “When UMPI Is the Place to Be”

First Harvest Festival a Success!

People look around to see what treats they can buy. Photo by Jacob Pelkey

Some people got some Christmas shopping done early.  The Micmac Harvest Festival took place on Nov. 17.  About 16 vendors from Aroostook County went to Micmac Farms from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. and sold their goods.  Some of the items sold were pickled foods, jellies, jams, teas, meat and baked goods.  Continue reading “First Harvest Festival a Success!”

Tips and Tricks to Enjoy the Family During Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is plenty that students are preparing before they leave for a week. From the packing to bring home summer clothes and swop them for winter, to perhaps graduating this December, students are busy!  Before they know it, the holidays are around the corner, and they are behind on homework, getting packed and preparing in general. Here are three tips to get through this holiday season. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks to Enjoy the Family During Thanksgiving”