A Moment in Time

“Everything has a story about it.  You just have to be able to see it” Pulitzer Prize winner, Jerry Gay, says. How right he is. Since the invention of the camera, photographs have helped humanity capture moments in time–for all of time. Unlike people, not all moments are created equal. Some pictures can speak to us: they can show us powerful moments in human history. Most often, this is a moment that is “a front seat to history” as Pulitzer Prize photojournalist John White puts it. Continue reading “A Moment in Time”

From Russia With Love

Moscow at night

Putin. Vodka. Bears. When most people hear “Russia,” they think of these things. Turn on the news or browse the web, and you’ll read about the latest and most terrible thing Russia has done. All people and all countries have some skeletons in their closet. Some have some bodies on the floor. But the government of a country isn’t always what the people are. Many people in the States honestly believe that all Russians must want to leave Russia or are brainwashed. No “good” person could possibly want to stay in that frozen wasteland! Continue reading “From Russia With Love”