Get in the Game!

Dr. J and Saint on the new Bleachers

Dan Kane, UMPI’s new athletic director and men’s basketball coach, is enthusiastic about the upcoming academic year, waiting patiently for students to return to campus and for basketball season to finally be here. Kane observes the friendliness of the UMPI community, especially that of the athletic department. Commenting on the department’s good reputation and supportive nature, Kane said that if you think you may be interested in joining a sport, there is absolutely no harm in trying. In his experience, he’s heard too many students express regret in not joining a sports team and never once heard of students who regretted playing for one of their college teams. Continue reading “Get in the Game!”

Lizotte Prepares to Graduate

“My major goal is to write fiction,” Melissa Lizotte said as to why she chose to attend UMPI as an English major with a concentration in writing. “I wanted to see what I could do as a writer,” she reflected. Currently a senior, she chose to go to UMPI because of the affordability and convenience of a school so close to her home in Presque Isle.

While attending UMPI Lizotte has been deeply involved in both the University Times and Upcountry. She joined the University Times to learn more about journalism and while being a member of the club she was brought out of her comfort zone and was able to learn many new skills. “If I could learn to write for a newspaper I would have that as an option for a career,” Lizotte said.  As for Upcountry, Melissa has thoroughly enjoyed being a co-editor. “I’ve gotten to be co-editor for two years. It taught me what it’s like to edit a literary journal,” Lizotte said. She also expressed thanks for having such a wonderful opportunity. It really taught her the ins and outs of a literary journal and being able to read people’s submissions helped her learn about her own writing and how she could grow as a writer. Continue reading “Lizotte Prepares to Graduate”

Lost On a Campus in Maine

Daniel Burger is 18 years old  and is from southern Maine who never really left his hometown much. After graduating from his local high school he, like many other young adults, decided to go to college. He applied to UMPI and was accepted for his good grades and promising work ethic. Burger decided immediately after receiving his acceptance letter that he wanted to tour the campus before making such a big decision. Continue reading “Lost On a Campus in Maine”

Not Your Average Bake Sale

People would rather donate their money toward lost kittens and small children than a female inmate. Donating to young cats and children is fine, but who’s going to help the female inmates? The Honors Women and Crime course here at UMPI presented at University Day on their project to help out those female inmates. Partnering up with the Hope and Justice Project and employee Chelsie Higgins who is a former UMPI student, the students are putting together exit packages for when women are released from the Houlton jail.

Continue reading “Not Your Average Bake Sale”