Editor’s Letter

Dear Readers,

     There is no greater reward for finishing your finals than winter break. Being able to celebrate the holidays, take a deep breath of relief and spend time with your loved ones makes all the hard work worth it. Fall semester is a tough one, especially since it turns into winter semester very quickly. Make sure you get in some rest and relaxation over break so you’re prepared for when spring semester, which is really still winter semester, rolls around.

     The issue we put together for the end of the semester is always a difficult one. All of our U Times staff are busy with finals and prepping for the holidays while also producing content for the paper. It’s a difficult balance but they do it so well and they deserve a big thank you. The best way to thank our great writers is to be great readers. Take time out of your break to sit down and read the stories they’ve written,. I promise they’ll be worth every word.

Happy Holidays,

Brandy Smith

Editor’s Letter

Hello Readers,

The hum of the holidays is here and the excitement of the first few snowfalls here in the county has spread throughout most of us. This special time of year is important to me because it reminds me of how good people can be. Generosity and kindness bloom in the cold weather and we all become a little closer: whether it be your neighbor helping you get your car out of the snowy driveway after a bad storm or a complete stranger wishing you a happy holiday in passing. The best of everyone comes out during the holidays.  It reminds me of the Grinch in that everyone’s hearts seem to grow at least three sizes.

With a cheerful spirit and Thanksgiving on my mind, I leave you with this issue. It comes with a wish to enjoy and remind you of all the great things our campus and community do. This year I’m thankful for UMPI, and especially the people who make UMPI and the University Times possible.

Have a great day,

Brandy Smith
University Times Editor

Agriculture Coming to UMPI


Debbie Roark, Mary Barton Akeley Smith, Ray Rice and Brett Varnum signing the paperwork at the ceremony.

The Multipurpose Room at UMPI was packed on Oct. 23. Mary Barton Akeley Smith was giving $1 million dollars to the university to create its first endowed chair. She gave the gift in memory of her late husband and named the gift after her father, Dr. Robert Vinton Akeley. The faculty position that this gift will fund was named Dr. Robert Vinton Akeley Chair of Agricultural Science and Agribusiness. Continue reading “Agriculture Coming to UMPI”

Editor’s Letter

Hello Readers,


There are many new things happening with the University Times. We’re not printing physical copies of our paper until the last issue of the academic year. While we do love our physical copy, we love our website just as much! We will be continuing to cover the campus and the community with the online U Times.  Please keep following us online–we never close.

We are also in the process of training a new editor for next year.  I’m very excited for you to meet her!

Midterms are already upon us and winter is coming quickly.  Where has the semester gone? I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun (or when you’re up to your eyeballs in assignments).  I wish you all the best of luck with the second half of your semester and a very happy harvest.


Brandy Smith

Question Four and Why It Is Important

Ray Rice


There is an important question on the ballot Nov. 6.  Question four decides whether the University of Maine System will get a $49 million bond to help expand campus resources and facilities. Voting yes on this question would give UMPI $4.5 million that would help expand our programs and campus productivity. Continue reading “Question Four and Why It Is Important”

Awarding Many

Lisa Leduc presenting awards to deserving students

     UMPI’s annual awards ceremony to celebrate its hardworking students, staff and faculty took place on April 22 in the MPR on campus this year. Emotional speeches from proud educators warmed the crowd and filled award recipients with joy and satisfaction for all of their hard work. Well-organized and well-attended small speeches between awards filled the air as smiling faces filled the many seats in the audience. Continue reading “Awarding Many”

Never Lose Your School ID Again


     Almost every student is guilty of losing their school ID at one point or another. This can be a huge inconvenience on the student as they cannot gain access to their dorm if they live on campus, they can’t get meals in the caf, check out books from the library or gain access to Gentile Hall. Because of the necessity of having your student ID at all times UMPI has come up with a great new plan which consists of tattooing students with their IDs, bar code and all. Continue reading “Never Lose Your School ID Again”

Take the Extra Step and PREP YourSELF!


     What would make you want to go to a personal responsibility workshop over spring break? If gift bags and free lunch don’t grab your attention, the empowering and eye-opening content will. It will cover many things young adults should be practicing in order to be responsible, stay healthy and be confident. Specifically it will dive into topics such as healthy relationships, communication skills, confidence, self-advocacy, HVI and STIs. While these topics may be hard to talk about, they are very important to remember not only in general, but especially when you are trying to get a foot in the door of life as a young adult. The facilitator of the event, Jenny Paul, put it best, “It’s a tough topic, but an important topic.” Continue reading “Take the Extra Step and PREP YourSELF!”

Discover UMPI

Visitors to UMPI learn about the university.

     On Nov. 18 Discovery Day brought many prospective students to campus to learn about and experience what going to the University of Maine at Presque Isle entails. The day was a chance for interested people and their families to come to UMPI and get a sense of what the school has to offer and also to ask any questions about UMPI or college in general. Continue reading “Discover UMPI”