Not Your Average Bake Sale

People would rather donate their money toward lost kittens and small children than a female inmate. Donating to young cats and children is fine, but who’s going to help the female inmates? The Honors Women and Crime course here at UMPI presented at University Day on their project to help out those female inmates. Partnering up with the Hope and Justice Project and employee Chelsie Higgins who is a former UMPI student, the students are putting together exit packages for when women are released from the Houlton jail.

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Education Beyond the United States

For a country that is known for its diversity, many Americans actually know little about the educational systems outside of the United States. For those who live in a rural town such as Presque Isle, this is even truer. Although it may not have a direct effect on our lives, learning about education in other countries helps to better understand and improve our own education in the U.S.

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Commitment to Education

Giving back to her community has always been a part of Roberta Griffiths’ life. When she is not directing the choir at her church, she is actively involved with various committees at UMPI and Presque Isle. “I love it here,” Griffiths said, fondly. “I’ve always felt it important to stay involved with the community. There are so many great things this area has provided me, I try to give back as much as possible.”

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Success in Education

April 20 was University Day at the UMPI campus. Among the many presentations there was one located in 210 Pullen, given by education majors in their junior year, Misty Steward, Mackenzie Beaulieu, and Vannessa Hodgkins. In this small room one of the biggest controversies–education was discussed! Steward and Beaulieu gave a tell-all presentation on the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the Every Student Succeeds Act, respectively. Hodgkins then finished off the presentation by comparing the two.

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Recognizing the Excellence that is UMPI

As we wrap up another academic year at UMPI, I am struck once again by what a great community this is!  Folks are mostly kind and helpful and hardworking–and their efforts often go unsung.  This semester, however, the excellent work of several individuals and the entire campus has been recognized by groups external to our campus.

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Guiding Others Through Their Journey

Tracy Rockwell, the current director of the Houlton higher education center, is one of those people who is welcoming and strives to work hard for the students. She takes pride in being an open ear for the them. She teaches classes for UMPI as well. Rockwell currently teaches first year seminar and business communication. She has also taught a human resource management class in the past. Rockwell has taught for UMPI since 2011.

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A Trip to Denver

Colorado might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you are planning a trip. But for Dr. Lisa Leduc’s criminal justice class, that was the destination. Leduc took a group of her students to Denver to visit the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences there. The students got to attend the 53rd Annual Meeting, and had some very valuable experiences during their stay. On April 20, they shared their experiences with the community during their University Day presentation.

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One Poster at a Time

Every year on University Day, UMPI students play a very different role than they usually do. For one day, they’re not just students. They become teachers to anyone who attends their presentations. The day always begins with a poster session in the Wieden Hall gymnasium. On Wednesday, April 20, students came armed with posters and knowledge. They were ready to show how anyone can “disrupt the status quo” and change the world for the better.

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