Student Support Services

Concerned about your grades?  Organizationally challenged?  Having difficulties due to a documented disability?    Have questions regarding to whom you should speak about a problem?  Our friendly crew would like to meet you, so please come visit us at Student Support Services on the ground floor of the Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) for assistance.

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Come see what the Office of Career Readiness can offer you!

You will have opportunities for many new experiences here at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. One way to maximize your potential is to make being career ready an integral part of your education. The Office of Career Readiness (formerly the Office of Career Preparation & Employer Relations) located in Preble Hall room 238B can assist you whether you are a first year student, a returning student or a student in their final year.

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Astronomy in Northern Maine

Hello everyone, my name is Jim Stepp and I am the dean of students here at the University of Maine at Presque Isle.  Astronomy has been a hobby of mine for about 40 years.  I first became interested in astronomy in 6th grade.  Living in Pittsburgh gave me the opportunity to go to the Buhl Planetarium and the Allegheny Observatory on many occasions.  One of the first objects I saw through a telescope was Comet West when it lit up the evening skies in the early 1970s.
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Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office welcomes you to campus.  The University of Maine at Presque Isle is a welcoming university committed to providing a positive educational environment for all students regardless of race, national origin, gender (including transgender), gender expression and sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, religion and genetic information.  Continue reading “Equal Opportunity Office”

Continuing the Journey

It’s finally here–college life! We, in the Admissions Office, enjoyed the journey of getting you here. Now we’re thrilled to have you meet our wonderful faculty and staff. They will carry you the rest of the way–as long as you do the work! Remember, go to class and get involved. It will be a great year for you. And don’t be a stranger. Stop by the admissions office and tell us how you’re doing. From all of us–Bethany, Trevor, Jon, Tricia, Nancy and Erin–have a great year!

admissions-photo In Photo: Bethany Lord,Tricia Armstrong, Erin Benson, Trevor Parent, Nancy Nichols and Jon Ouellette

What’s University Advancement?

Last year UMPI created an Office of University Advancement and many have asked me “what exactly does Advancement do?”  The answer is fairly simple, yet complex.  The traditional answer is that we serve to “advance” the institution and build lasting relationships with alumni, friends and donors who care as much about UMPI as we do, thereby inspiring loyalty and support for UMPI. Advancement works closely with the president and university leadership to receive the support of alumni, friends and organizations—both financially and through advocacy.  At UMPI, Advancement includes development, alumni relations and sponsored projects. Continue reading “What’s University Advancement?”

Student Government Association Is Here for You


In Photo: Adan K. Mohamed, Joshua Williams, Blake Winslow, Daria Wozmak, Lossene Dorleh,  Jim Stepp, Elizabeth Butterfield, Lassana Dorleh, Beth Olsen, Katherine Waldron, John Paluszec

     The Student Government Association at the University of Maine at Presque Isle serves many different purposes.  Our main functions are to:

  • Act as a liaison between the student body and the Board of Trustees.
  • Act as a liaison between the students and the administration.
  • Act as a policy recommendation board to the administration.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for UMPI students.
  • Provide programming outlets for UMPI students.
  • Aid in the distribution of approximately $90,000 of Student Activities Fees to the Student Activities Office, campus clubs and organizations and several student-related programs (such as free Big Rock Skiing and free ice-skating at the Forum).

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