Green Grass and Sweet Brown Soil

The eves are dripping, snow is sliding from the roof and you can almost imagine green grass, pansies and preparing the soil for gardening.  Smell the fresh brown soil.  Really, it will come.  In the meantime it is nice to enjoy a conversation about gardening with an old friend, Jeanne, as a glance out the window from time to time shows a six-foot-high snowbank sitting on the lawn.  Continue reading “Green Grass and Sweet Brown Soil”

Civil Discourse and Our University

On Jan. 31, 2017, the presidents of the seven University of Maine System institutions all communicated with their campuses our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We reminded all of our students, employees and community partners that we embrace all of our students, no matter what religion they practice, how diverse their perspectives, where they come from or how long they have lived here.  In addition, we reaffirmed that we would continue to admit and support students consistent with our non-discrimination policies and we will identify the supports and resources necessary to all of our students to successfully complete the education they seek.  Most important, we reasserted our commitment to the principles and promise of our democracy and the ideal of liberty in which the opportunity to better yourself and your family through education is considered sacrosanct. Continue reading “Civil Discourse and Our University”

Hypnotist Mesmerizes Crowd at UMPI

Imagine becoming convinced that you’re a member of the cast of “High School Musical” or a drill sergeant in the Army. Perhaps you might even be persuaded into thinking that your hand is a talking person. This is exactly what happened to some UMPI students on Tuesday, Jan. 24, inside the Wieden auditorium. That’s when hypnotist Paul Ramsey took the stage with his one-of-a-kind show, Mind Games. Continue reading “Hypnotist Mesmerizes Crowd at UMPI”

Teaching What Matters

Lisa Leduc, professor of criminal justice, has taught at UMPI since 2002.  To this day, she remembers advice that a colleague gave her.  He said, “If you believe in transformation through education, this is where you’re going to see that happen.”  For 14 years, Leduc has seen her students transform into critical thinkers.  They form bonds that have gone beyond the classroom.  Her students’ experiences will help them succeed long after they graduate. Continue reading “Teaching What Matters”