11 Students, 55 Stories and 110 Calloused Fingers: A Journey in Feature Writing

11 Stu11 Students, 55 Stories and 110 Calloused Fingers: A Journey in Feature Writingdents, 55 Stories and 110 Calloused Fingers–Alyssa Sinclair–Good to Go

The students in PCJ214: Magazine and Feature Writing did a presentation educating people on features and the experiences they had in the class. The students began the presentation by explaining what a feature story is.

“It’s like a news article, but more personal. It’s more focused on a person instead of an event,” Sarah Harris explained. Continue reading “11 Students, 55 Stories and 110 Calloused Fingers: A Journey in Feature Writing”

From the Mouths of Poets

contributor Brandy Smith and editor Jordan Haddad

Upcountry’s reading during University Day had a full room. With poems and short stories read by contributors to the journal, the audience hung to every well-thought-out word. “Upcountry” is a literary journal that accepts entries from the UMPI community once a year and puts out a journal containing great pieces of work by local writers. While many of their submissions are poems, they also get wonderful short stories varying in length. Continue reading “From the Mouths of Poets”

Breaking Boards

Pat Karpen reads her piece, Breaking Boards.

A hushed crowd listens as Pat Karpen reads through the literary nonfiction story she’s been writing since the new year.  With her classmates, the group shares stories from their lives, emotionally telling stories that allow viewers to connect with the authors on a personal level.  “Literary nonfiction uses the tools and techniques from fiction and poetry to create stories,” Deborah Hodgkins, the group’s teacher and mentor, said. Continue reading “Breaking Boards”

A Documentary on the History of UMPI

Two students, Tiffany Smith and Evan Zarkadas, decided to find out about their school. They just wanted to find out the history of their university, why buildings and certain things got their names and learn about why things are the way they are. They did a search on Google and YouTube and surprisingly they did not find anything about the history of UMPI. That was the initial spark that started a project that will be appreciated and viewed in the future, but also bring a presence on the history of UMPI to social media. Continue reading “A Documentary on the History of UMPI”

Defining IPM and What It Means For You

You might not normally associate apples and potatoes, but a closer look into their pest management shows that they are not too different after all. University Day presenters Morgan Wilcox, Elizabeth Desches and James Churchill explained the methods by which farmers fight the broad spectrum of attackers that endanger these two beloved crops in their presentation “IPM Approach to Managing Potatoes & Apple Pests.” Continue reading “Defining IPM and What It Means For You”

New Rules on Smoking Required?

On June 1,  2013, the University of Maine of Presque Isle started its new smoking policy, which effectively made the campus into a tobacco-free school, prohibiting the use of any tobacco or non-FDA-approved nicotine products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic nicotine cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The policy applies to all full-time/part-time employees, faculty, students, contractors, vendors and visitors. But how does the policy work against the rise of Juul and other vape products? Professor Allen Salo and his assistant Kelly McNary may have the answers. Continue reading “New Rules on Smoking Required?”

If the Club Fits, Wear It

UMPI’s business club ladies, smiling in a selfie

In a two-part presentation given by UMPI’s business club, attendees were given some helpful advice. Jessica Cameron, along with Elizabeth Butterfield, covered the first half titled “If the club fits.” Lauren Chapman and Madison Shaw concluded with their section titled “Wear It.” The four seniors, who are marching in May, were mentored by Stacey Emery. Continue reading “If the Club Fits, Wear It”

Her Last Year at UMPI


Picking out your home for the next four years can be hard.  For Brandy Smith, a senior PCJ major at UMPI, she didn’t find it hard at all. “So, I was the editor of my high school newspaper. I went to Mt. View High School and I wanted to major in journalism and I was looking and looking at NESCOM, and it was very expensive and complicated because it was part of Husson.  I decided to look elsewhere, and I checked out UMPI.  My friends and I came up and toured UMPI and I met Dr. J and thought it was a perfect fit,” Brandy said. Continue reading “Her Last Year at UMPI”

Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause

UMPI’s Wieden Hall auditorium was packed with spectators on Saturday, April 6, for a showing of John Cariani’s play: “Love/Sick.” Some of the money from the tickets goes toward renovations for the auditorium.

The play is written as nine short stories each involving two characters in a plot about love or mental illness. The mental illness is often satirical such as the “obsessive impulsive disorder.” That story involves two characters falling in love at first sight in a supercenter and hilariously failing to control their impulses to act on that love. The supercenter is mentioned in all of the stories as a running gag. The play itself brought the community of Presque Isle and others together for a night of laughter and enjoyment. There is a camaraderie among those involved with the performing arts in the area. Continue reading “Theater Brings People Together for a Noble Cause”