The Experience that Lasts a Lifetime

Living on campus is an experience that is much needed for many students who are away from home. It provides them with several opportunities they wouldn’t have had previously. Every campus has a population. This is essentially what makes it feel lively and open. In a place where large buildings (even on a small campus like UMPI) make up the majority of the scene, it is important to remember who it is those buildings are there for: the people who are on the campus every day. A portion of these people—about a third of the student body–is residential. Since UMPI is a smaller campus there are several people who attend who are from the area. But many of the students living in housing on and off campus through UMPI are from places very far away. Some are from downstate, and others are from even farther away, such as different states and countries altogether.

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Geocaching: A Hidden Passion

As a child, did you ever want to be an explorer? Did going on adventures and finding hidden treasure excite you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then geocaching is the hobby for you. Geocaching is a term that many people have heard spoken in casual conversation, but they may not fully understand what it is. Geocaching is a treasure hunt.

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Playing Waitress: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s 7:13 a.m. and the line for Dunkin Donuts is longer than Rip Van Winkle’s slumber. Aside from running late for work, you can still feel raindrops trickling down from your head. The man honking his horn behind you is shredding your very last nerve and you’re having quite possibly the most miserable start to a Tuesday morning. You are fully prepared to swallow every ounce of stress in an extra-large cup of hazelnut coffee. As you arrive at the window you are bombarded with a rush of highly unpleasant employees trying to complete their orders in a timely manner. You pause for a moment and recall the days of slinging pizzas, trying to pay off that college tuition. You are reminded of the long shifts and the ache of your feet, or the busiest nights that you ran out of the best items the menu had to offer. Your nostalgic moment passes as the young man covered in cream cheese hands you a cup with an aroma better than grandma’s house after she’s baked her county-wide famous cinnamon rolls. You leave feeling satisfied and make your way to your corner office for the day.

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Keeping UMPI on the Air

Walking onto a college campus for the first time can be scary. Many students don’t know their classmates very well yet. Sometimes students can feel lonely and cut off from campus life. Luckily, UMPI has many clubs and organizations. Its members are always looking to welcome new students. They reach out and give students a community to belong to.

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UMPI’s Optimistic Historian

Professor John F. DeFelice is an associate professor of history at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. He has been teaching at the university since Sept. 1, 2000. DeFelice teaches courses on the ancient world, premodern Europe, colonialism and modern China. He also teaches an honors seminar every few years. In addition, in some of the classes DeFelice teaches Reacting to the Past games. The Reacting to the Past games involve students taking on roles and writing assignments from the view of a specific person in history. Each role plays a part in the game. What is unique is that only a few other campuses in the United States are doing this as well.

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