A World of Change

There are many ways that people can make the world better for everyone. But sometimes we don’t realize just how much of an impact our voices can have. On Tuesday, April 19, that’s what Jim Keady wanted UMPI students and faculty to know. Keady was the University Day Distinguished Lecturer. For almost 20 years, Keady has stood up against shoe company Nike. He defends the human rights of Nike’s overseas factory workers.

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“Doing Gender”

The Pullen art gallery was filled with excitement as Melissa Lizotte stood at the front of the room waiting to present. Professor Deborah Hodgkins stood in the doorway to greet all in attendance. This particular University Day presentation was called “Women Redefining Culture,” a topic that presenter Lizzotte hoped to explore in front of the group. Lizotte stood quietly at the front of the room as conversations buzzed. Members of the audience waited patiently for the clock to turn to 2:15 p.m. and for the presentation to begin.

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Not Your Average Bake Sale

People would rather donate their money toward lost kittens and small children than a female inmate. Donating to young cats and children is fine, but who’s going to help the female inmates? The Honors Women and Crime course here at UMPI presented at University Day on their project to help out those female inmates. Partnering up with the Hope and Justice Project and employee Chelsie Higgins who is a former UMPI student, the students are putting together exit packages for when women are released from the Houlton jail.

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Education Beyond the United States

For a country that is known for its diversity, many Americans actually know little about the educational systems outside of the United States. For those who live in a rural town such as Presque Isle, this is even truer. Although it may not have a direct effect on our lives, learning about education in other countries helps to better understand and improve our own education in the U.S.

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