The Start of a Great Adventure

Spring is always an exciting time. Classes are winding down for the semester, seniors are getting ready to graduate, either from high school or college, and there is a general feeling of anticipation for summer. This year, there is one more reason to be excited. Dr. Jacqui Lowman, a professor at UMPI, has finally set out on her Appalachian Trail Adventure. Continue reading “The Start of a Great Adventure”

Lizotte Prepares to Graduate

“My major goal is to write fiction,” Melissa Lizotte said as to why she chose to attend UMPI as an English major with a concentration in writing. “I wanted to see what I could do as a writer,” she reflected. Currently a senior, she chose to go to UMPI because of the affordability and convenience of a school so close to her home in Presque Isle.

While attending UMPI Lizotte has been deeply involved in both the University Times and Upcountry. She joined the University Times to learn more about journalism and while being a member of the club she was brought out of her comfort zone and was able to learn many new skills. “If I could learn to write for a newspaper I would have that as an option for a career,” Lizotte said.  As for Upcountry, Melissa has thoroughly enjoyed being a co-editor. “I’ve gotten to be co-editor for two years. It taught me what it’s like to edit a literary journal,” Lizotte said. She also expressed thanks for having such a wonderful opportunity. It really taught her the ins and outs of a literary journal and being able to read people’s submissions helped her learn about her own writing and how she could grow as a writer. Continue reading “Lizotte Prepares to Graduate”

In the End…Everything Matters

We are now in a world where we use the phrase “binge watching” in our everyday vocabulary. When we hear this, we usually know that someone is binge watching a certain TV show. We spend hours and hours watching something until the season, or seasons, are over. In the time that we could be doing homework or other activities, we choose to binge watch an entire show in one day. Netflix has become a main source of material for binge watching. They come out with original series that have whole seasons, and we spend our day wasted away on that certain show. There is a new show on Netflix that is definitely binge worthy, and brings up an important topic that we may not think about as much as we should. Continue reading “In the End…Everything Matters”

April 28 and 29 – International Astronomy Day events

Astronomy Day was first celebrated on California in 1973.  It was developed as a program to share information about astronomy with the general public.  In 1973, astronomy day was only held in the fall.  Today, it is held in the fall and the spring.

This year’s Spring International Astronomy Day is scheduled for April 29.  Throughout the world, thousands of people will have an opportunity to learn about astronomy and, weather permitting, look through telescopes at the sun and the nighttime sky.  These events are sponsored by groups such as astronomy clubs, observatories, planetariums, libraries and other entities that promote astronomy and space science. Continue reading “April 28 and 29 – International Astronomy Day events”

The Web of Lies

Two reporters. One story. A web of lies. A corrupt government. This is the basis of the film “All the President’s Men,” starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford as two reporters for the Washington Post.

Both assigned on the same story, Bob Woodward (Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Hoffman) begin to investigate the tomfooleries that took place at the National Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building. It involved men breaking into the Watergate building on illegal pretenses and came to be one of the biggest governmental scandals in history. Continue reading “The Web of Lies”

Importance of ‘All the President’s Men’

All the President’s Men is a very important film.  It shows historic moments in American history, both in politics and journalism.  The film is about two journalists who work for the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who are determined to write a good and accurate story about the break in into the Democratic National Committee’s office in the Watergate Building, also known as the Watergate Scandal. Continue reading “Importance of ‘All the President’s Men’”

All the President’s Scandals

Watergate will go down forever in United States history as a  major stain on the political system. Watergate is known as one of the biggest political corruption stories in the world. The scandal started with a break in and ended with the resignation of then president Nixon. There was much secrecy and deceit in this story, which played out like something directly out of a crime novel. An epic conspiracy with ties all the way up to the White House. Continue reading “All the President’s Scandals”

All The President’s Men

Picture open windows, green grass and birds singing in the trees—suddenly a phone rings— “Woodward fumbled for the receiver and snapped awake.  The city editor of the Washington Post was on the line.  Five men had been arrested earlier that morning in a burglary attempt Democratic headquarters, carrying photographic equipment and electronic gear [can you hear the noise like a needle dragged quickly across a spinning record?].  Could he come in?” Continue reading “All The President’s Men”

All The President’s Men

The Movie, “All the President’s men” focused on the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s time in office. The movie focuses on two reporters who, originally, weren’t close and wanted to be able to get up in the ranks at the Washington Post (their newspaper company). As the movie progresses the two are placed on the original scandal thinking it was going to be a little story that was going to amount to nothing.
Continue reading “All The President’s Men”