Standing Inside the Fire

     It’s 3 a.m. in the middle of February.  The alarm just rang for a structure fire.  A large apartment complex illuminates the night sky.  Men and women in yellow coats, ice hanging from their hats, run from room to room, checking for anyone left inside before the entire building goes up in flames.  This is the reality for any fire department.  Any time of day or night.  A person’s worst nightmare is their job, or even sometimes their volunteer activity. Continue reading “Standing Inside the Fire”

Parenting Styles From One Generation to the Next

     When becoming a parent, some of us know exactly how we want to raise our children, while others are unsure and go through parenting classes.  Parents have their own ways of parenting. But how do we determine if someone is parenting well or poorly?  Should we judge others’ personal lives and their abilities to parent? Is there a right way or wrong way to raise children? Continue reading “Parenting Styles From One Generation to the Next”

Is It Wrong to Use Pet Dye?


    Some people may think that making our pets look different colors can be fun. But it could also be harmful to them.

     Coloring pets’ hair is called pet dyeing. It’s a hobby for some people. Have you ever watched the TLC show, “My Crazy Obsession”? There was a woman who was obsessed with pink. She even had her poodle dyed pink. Some people might have thought how odd to have a pink poodle.  While others may have thought that she abused her dog. Continue reading “Is It Wrong to Use Pet Dye?”

Artist as Teacher: From Paintings and Prints to Puppets

Puppets displayed at the show.

     Being part of the First Friday Art Walk, the Reed Art Gallery hosted the well-known artist Carolyn Wadman. Wadman is a lifelong educator with a seemingly unlimited amount of exhibitions, shows and artistic endeavors all over the States. She has taught classes for the U.S. Army and she spent many years at the Limestone Community School, where she created the first art program. Continue reading “Artist as Teacher: From Paintings and Prints to Puppets”

The AmeriCorner Spotlights Elise Gudde, Diligent Student High Achiever

UMPI student Elise Gudde is pictured here with a black bear in the North Maine Woods

     This issue’s Student Spotlight features Elise Gudde. Elise is a junior from Caribou, Maine. At UMPI, she studies environmental science and sustainability with a concentration in natural resources, and she also studies psychology. In addition to her double major, she is pursuing a minor in biology. Elise excels academically: she has achieved highest honors on the UMPI Dean’s List all of her semesters at UMPI. Continue reading “The AmeriCorner Spotlights Elise Gudde, Diligent Student High Achiever”

School Year Coming to an End

     Although it may not feel like April, that’s what the calendar says.  And that means that the school year is coming near to an end. Students are doing last homework assignments of the spring semester and waiting for final exams to come. Teachers are planning their summers and students are getting excited for summer plans. Continue reading “School Year Coming to an End”

Sports Branding: Which Do People Prefer?

     Does anyone really consider what brands matter to athletes?  You might think that this would be a big deal to professional athletes.  But what about at the college level?  The University Times decided to ask.   

      Kristijan Gavrilovski, who is a former guard on the University of Maine at Presque Isle men’s basketball team, said, “Athletes like to play in brands that are most comfortable and look the best for them. Also, athletes take into consideration when looking for colleges or where to play college sports because of what brand the school is sponsored by.” Continue reading “Sports Branding: Which Do People Prefer?”