American Legion Sees a Drop in Membership

     Veteran Holidays.  Towns decorated with American Flags on light posts.  Graves of resting military decorated with American flags.  These are just some things the American Legion does for local communities.

     Members of the American Legion are seeing interest in the local community decline in recent years.  The legion is a nonprofit group run by military veterans.  Rodney (Rod) Collins, a 12-year member and financial officer of Legion Post 118 in Mars Hill, said, “I’ll bet 75 percent of our members are 80 or older.  But this town has been very supportive.”  Continue reading “American Legion Sees a Drop in Membership”

What Is This Free Speech Policy All About?

        There have been Substantial conversations around our campus lately among faculty, staff and students about the new “Free Speech, Academic Freedom, and Civility” policy from the University of Maine System. Plenty of people are asking what is this policy about? And will it affect me and the way I talk in public? The simple answer to that is NO! Continue reading “What Is This Free Speech Policy All About?”

A Mind-Blowing Experience

     Ever heard of the Mentalist Duo? Do you know what a mentalist does? If you answered NO, then you probably should have gone to check the Evasons Mentalist Duo April 19 here on campus.

     A feeling of mystery and the supernatural was above UMPI when the Evasons Mentalist Duo made its appearance for the first time here at our university. The Evasons are a more than 30-year-long married couple that has done shows for a living for many years now all around the States and Canada. UMPI was the northern-most U.S. destination they ever performed, and as they said during the show, “UMPI is amazing.” The Duo made an early impression on that day at the Kelly Commons, were they showcased their talent to the students who were having lunch there. Continue reading “A Mind-Blowing Experience”

Time to Unplug and Play Outside

Cell phones have taken the place of tree climbing and kick ball

     In an age where technology rules the world, some vital components of everyday living are at risk. While it is clear that technology is here to stay, people are beginning to question, how much screen time is too much?  According to a study done by Common Sense Media, 59 percent of the parents said that their children were addicted to technology.  Sixty-six percent said that their children spend too much time on screen.  According to the same study, teens spend an average of six hours and 40 minutes per day on a screen.  Continue reading “Time to Unplug and Play Outside”

UMPI Honors

The pioneers behind UMPI’s new honors program.Adam Weyenth, Sarah Harris, Darius Haskell, and Evan Zarkadas.

     Many universities in the United States have an honors program.  The University of Maine at Presque Isle has had challenges maintaining one.  But four students– Evan Zarkadas, Darius Haskell, Sarah Harris and Adam Weyenth–are working to change that. Continue reading “UMPI Honors”

Rebecca Dillenbeck, An UMPI Asset

UMPI Freshman Rebecca Dillenbeck, pictured here, is a kind, talented, and humble person

     This issue’s student spotlight features Rebecca Dillenbeck, an UMPI freshman. Rebecca is from Limestone, Maine, and is majoring in business, with a concentration in accounting. She was the salutatorian of the Class of 2017 of Limestone Community School, the last class to graduate from the school before its closure. Rebecca’s salutatorian speech at graduation, a speech concerning the importance of recognizing and celebrating people’s differences, was received with a standing ovation. Continue reading “Rebecca Dillenbeck, An UMPI Asset”

Awarding Many

Lisa Leduc presenting awards to deserving students

     UMPI’s annual awards ceremony to celebrate its hardworking students, staff and faculty took place on April 22 in the MPR on campus this year. Emotional speeches from proud educators warmed the crowd and filled award recipients with joy and satisfaction for all of their hard work. Well-organized and well-attended small speeches between awards filled the air as smiling faces filled the many seats in the audience. Continue reading “Awarding Many”