Summer 2017

 Hello everyone.  It is time to get ready for the summer.  After this winter, I am sure you are ready for warn summer nights.  I know I am.  Listed below are the events that will be happening in the skies above our heads this summer.

    Probably the best way to keep up to date on astronomical events would be to join the UMPI/Aroostook County Astronomy Club’s Facebook page.  This page will provide you with interesting astronomy articles and information on upcoming astronomical events and club activities. Continue reading “Summer 2017”

Caught in the Spotlight

 With a suggestion from their new editor, a group of journalists begins to investigate for The Boston Globe’s next big story. Known as the Spotlight team, the members collect information about a priest who has been moved to different churches numerous times. What was originally believed to be one priest sexually abusing children turns into a search for 13 priests. Eventually leading into the exposure of 87 accused priests, the team learns just how big the story at hand is. It’s a race against time to gather every piece of evidence before another newspaper learns about the story. With a deadline that could move up at any given moment and the Catholic Church watching every source’s move, the film “Spotlight” is something you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “Caught in the Spotlight”

A Battle to Help People

“Spotlight” is a film that definitely earned its best picture award in 2015. It is based on the Boston Globe’s investigation of the Catholic priest child-abuse scandal in 2002. It manages to both feel rooted in the early 2000s and also feel very timely now. It straddles the line between illustrating the pain that the abuse victims felt without turning it into shock value.
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Spotlight Doesn’t Light the Whole Stage

  “Spotlight” is an Academy Award winning film that depicts the Boston Globe’s 2002 investigation of clerical sex abuse. It features stellar performances from Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Liev Schreiber. Keaton and Ruffalo, along with Rachel McAdams, portray members of the “Spotlight” team who do the Pulitzer-winning work. Based on stories by the journalists themselves, it has received over 100 awards and nominations. Vatican Radio praised it as “honest” and “compelling.” Chillingly, there are a couple Maine connections, including one with Cheverus high school in Portland. Continue reading “Spotlight Doesn’t Light the Whole Stage”

Putting the ‘Spotlight’ on the Issues

Award winning-film Spotlight was an eye opener for quite a few people when it came out.  I was already aware of the situation, but there are probably a lot of people who weren’t aware. This movie is about a group of journalists working in the Spotlight department of the Boston Globe trying to research on the possibility of priests in Boston molesting young children, and the police and the church shoving it under the rug for years. Continue reading “Putting the ‘Spotlight’ on the Issues”

It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child

“Spotlight” is an Academy Award winning movie about the molestation allegations against the Catholic Church.  The film is set in Boston and it follows members of an investigative team called Spotlight who work for the Boston Globe.  

    Beginning with a flashback, the central plot focuses on the way the Catholic Church sought to cover up any allegations made against priests.  As the journalists continued to work hard uncovering the truth, the scale of the scandal seemed to grow.  They began to realize that the epidemic was national–and even international–and that 6 percent of all priests had been accused of such acts. Continue reading “It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child”

Into the Spotlight

 In 2015, the film “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for best picture. It was a shocking and surprising win to many. Spotlight beat out such heavy favourites as “The Revenant,” “The Big Short” and “Bridge of Spies.”  “Spotlight” was a critical success and gathered much buzz post Academy Awards.  Many home viewers, however, were unaware of this film initially. It wasn’t until the film won best picture that it became the talk of the world. Continue reading “Into the Spotlight”

Taken into the Spotlight

Many know of the widespread problem that the movie “Spotlight” brings into light. “Spotlight” is a two-and-a-half-hour movie about the Boston Globe receiving a new Editor. The Editor decides that they should focus on an article about a priest molesting a child. The Spotlight team (consisting of four people by the names of Robby, Mike, Matt and Sacha), as they are referred to in the movie, is assigned to see if there is anything more to the story than just a single priest molesting a child. Continue reading “Taken into the Spotlight”

‘Step Out Into the Spotlight’

When a pedophile Boston Catholic priest comes into the light, the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team is on the case in the 2015 Academy Award winning film “Spotlight”. The scandal didn’t stop with one priest, however. In this film based on a true story, you’re given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the newspaper as four reporters dig deeply into a case that would unearth corruption in the highest parts of the Catholic Church system.
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The Priests Have Been Busy With More Than Their Vespers and Liturgy

 Matt Carroll ran to the house down the street from him.  The house used for the “treatment” of priests who were removed from their parishes for “sick leave.”   What was he hoping to see?  What did he think he would do at this house?  He posted a picture of the house on his fridge along with a sign that read, “Kids Stay away from this house.” Continue reading “The Priests Have Been Busy With More Than Their Vespers and Liturgy”