Editor’s Letter


Season’s greetings, folks. 

     I hope you’re all home safe by now and getting settled in well. I know for many, transitioning back to remote learning from home might not be ideal. Finals are seemingly right around the corner, however, and I’m here to tell you that we’ve got this. 

     This year has certainly been full of ups and downs, perhaps more downs than ups. Through it all, there is hope that next year might be better and I for one hope this the most. New Year’s cannot come soon enough. 

     The holidays might look and feel different this year, but regardless of how hard it gets, just know that tomorrow is a new day. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Maybe FaceTime dinners sound silly, but it sure beats getting sick. 

     No matter the situation, just know that better days will come. I wish you all happy holidays and a safe and prosperous new year. 

     Yours truly,

     Abi Davis

Pictured: Abi Davis, UTimes editor.