Welcome— or Welcome Back— From the Writing Center!

Valentina and Jake in UMPI’s writing center.
Another shots of UMPI’s writing center, located in the CIL.

What kind of work do all college students do in their courses here at UMPI? Writing! Who needs feedback on their writing? We all do! The UMPI Writing Center can help.

The UMPI Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring for writers at all levels of course work, for writing projects of all kinds: from first year composition essays to senior theses, from biology book reviews and criminal justice papers to graduate school application essays. Our friendly student tutors are trained to assist writers at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming a topic through revising a completed paper.

Tutors offer a conversational approach in a confidential, relaxed, non-classroom setting. The Writing Center’s mission is to help writers develop skills and strategies that will help them not only with one paper, but with future writing.

Like subject area tutoring, the Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons, the first floor of the Center for Innovative Learning.  We open for business the second week of classes. Come by and check it out (we have candy), and meet writing tutors Noelle, Mannish and Stephenie.

Students can schedule a consultation by going to https://umpi.mywconline.com to register and make an appointment.  Or stop by and see one of the tutors for assistance. Online appointments are also available for students taking courses from a distance and unable to get to campus.

Students, staff and instructors seeking more information may contact the Writing Center Director, Dr. Deborah Hodgkins (768-9423 or deborah.hodgkins@maine.edu).