Conferences and Special Programs

Welcome back students and staff!

The Conferences Department on campus is here and excited to help YOU plan meetings and events!

Our job is to help you have a smooth and successful event here on campus. We will help you arrange the room to suit your needs, order food for attendees, hook up projectors and laptops to show your work and be here to answer any questions along the way.

If you are involved in a school club, sport, class or any other organization and would like to have a meeting or event on campus, feel free to stop by and we’ll help make it happen!

We are conveniently located up in the Campus Center and we are always available to answer questions and solve problems!


If you have ever dreamed of being an event planner, then this is the perfect job for you! Along with gaining experience in an office setting, this job will teach you how to plan for an event and enable you to interact with the campus community.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus!

If you have any questions regarding the Conferences Department, please call Lydia Kieffer-Till at 207-768-9502.