Breaking News: Weather Update

Breaking News_ Weather Report.

What is happening in the County this year? Record breaking snow depths, powerful winds that cause whiteouts and huge ice walls along the roads is what describes our current situation here in northern Maine.

Well, according to the recent news and studies, the weather doesn’t seem to get better. The National Association of Snowing is pushing for a declaration of a national emergency, since the snowfall is estimated to continue even in the summer months, with world record-breaking amounts of snow. There is also a possibility that snow will continue all the way to December of 2019.  And scientists are assured that we will have a continuous winter until the winter of 2020.

The reasoning behind this weather phenomenon is the extreme temperature in the atmosphere that is currently far below the normal 32℉, which is the freezing point. The current temperature is -160℉, a world breaking record that threatens to change our weather in the northern hemisphere. What caused this extreme and very sudden change in our weather is the continuous atmospheric pressure and the climate that is getting warmer every single day from global warming. Because of the warmer climate, the atmospheric pressure is causing a warmer inner layer, while at the same time a freeing outer layer.

Dr. Jonathan Homer, from the University of Allagash, under very restricting terms and with extreme caution responded to our question about this phenomenon with the following.

“This is indeed true.  Things are going to get really ugly very soon. I have tried to warn the authorities, but they don’t quite understand the seriousness of what is coming.”  Dr. Homer seemed very concerned and anxious about the upcoming weather.   He later added, “We never have seen such harsh weather in the history of humanity. But what is crucial and worrisome is that I believe that from now on this will not be a one-time event, but rather the norm for many years.”

In order to double-check the facts and what Dr. Homer said, we had to visit another scientist from the Northern Institute of Weather at Eagle Lake, Maine. There Dr. Sussan Longhusky assured us that what Dr. Homer said was sadly true. “Weather has been changing since the creation of this planet.  But because of our extreme pollution and uncontrolled gas emissions, we have been fast passing this planet, and these are some of the consequences of our actions. I am afraid that we will not be ready to face what is coming,” Dr. Longhusky said.  She mentioned that things will get wild, with a shortage of our food supply, loss of agriculture for a long time and the tremendous amounts of snow that will cover all of the Northern Hemisphere.

As it was expected, the authorities, in order to not spread panic, have not set any measures or announcements to prepare for this event.

If you are wondering what you should do, the advice from both doctors is, first check what date it is.  Second, make sure you have a strong and well-built igloo to prepare to transform into a polar bear in order to survive this winter.