It Floats at the For

This years theme at Fright at the Fort was based on Stephen King’s horror novels.

Imagine delving deep into the belly of a historical fort while running through cornfields, being chased by clowns with chainsaws and rounding a corner only to be confronted by the twin girls from Stephen King’s “The Shining.” This is exactly the kind of fright that happened on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Fort Knox.

The historical fort, located in Bucksport, Maine, has an annual tradition of being used as a haunted house with different themes each year. Residents from the greater Bucksport area volunteer to make the haunted house a success. Despite the cold and dreary weather of October, thousands of visitors from all around the state came to receive a fright at the fort this year. The event lasts for several weeks up until the weekend before Halloween.

“I think it would’ve been scarier if I’d understood all the Stephen King references, but I still thought it was pretty cool,” junior Cassidy Gerrish said.

This year’s theme was Stephen King.  Each section of the fort had a theme from King’s popular novels, including “Cujo,” “The Shining” and “It.”  All people waiting in line received a red balloon to carry with them through the haunted house. The red balloon is a reference to the novel “It.”

“It was a lot of fun to go out and do something with friends for Halloween. I really enjoyed it,” Lily Logiodice, also a junior, said.

Fright at the Fort is an annual event and will come back next October with a new theme. To find our more information, you can follow Fright at the Fort on Facebook or find them on the web.