8th Annual Think Pink Games Draw a Big Crowd

The Wieden Gymnasium, packed for the Think Pink games.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle’s 8th Annual Think Pink basketball games drew a huge crowd on Tuesday, Feb. 12 in the Wieden Gymnasium. Students, staff, faculty, community members and more attended the men’s and women’s basketball games held against UMPI rival, the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Spectators and players wore shades of pink to represent patients and survivors who were or still are battling cancer. The money raised during Think Pink games is donated to the American Cancer Society Continue reading “8th Annual Think Pink Games Draw a Big Crowd”

Inked: Students Share Their Tattoo Stories


College students use their clothes or style to express themselves, although many University of Maine at Presque Isle students are using a different form of art to show off their personalities with tattoos. Tattoos are not just permanent ink on someone’s skin. Tattoos can focus on student spirituality or symbolize something in their life. Tattoos can also represent a meaningful moment or story from student lives. Several UMPI students shared stories behind their tattoos and what they mean to them. Continue reading “Inked: Students Share Their Tattoo Stories”

Celebrating Christmas in Mexico

A Christmas tree stands tall in Mexico City.

When December comes around, Mexicans all around the world begin to celebrate Christmas in a very special way. With delicious food, beautiful poinsettias and bright lights, people embrace their Mexican heritage through traditions celebrated with their family and friends. People gather to cook delicious food, decorate their houses, sing Christmas carols and spend quality time with their loved ones for this special time of the year. Mexican culture is rarely seen in northern Maine, but when it is seen, it is proudly represented. At UMPI, there are many Mexican students and it is important that they are all represented. Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas in Mexico”

UMPI Students Stuff-A-Monster on Halloween

A group of students show off their freshly stuffed monsters.

On Halloween night, UMPI students were treated to monster stuffing in the MPR of the Campus Center. Students began to arrive around 7 p.m., looking to get first pick of the unstuffed animals. Once lines opened at 7:30 p.m., students rushed in, grabbed monsters and started filing them with stuffing. Students were also got mini UMPI SAO T-shirts for their monsters to wear. The event, run by the Student Activities Office, was first come, first served. Students had the option to stuff a raccoon, a badger, a giraffe, a monkey or a snake. Continue reading “UMPI Students Stuff-A-Monster on Halloween”

UMPI Basketball Starts Season With Midnight Madness

The women’s basketball team poses for a picture during Midnight Madness.

On Oct. 23, the crowd in the Wieden gymnasium enjoyed events by UMPI’s men’s and women’s basketball teams as part of the annual Midnight Madness. The event, run by the UMPI athletics department and SAO, gave the crowd an opportunity to look at this year’s teams. The night was filled with a dunk contest, a three-point shooting contest and crowd members were even given the chance to participate in games to win prizes. Continue reading “UMPI Basketball Starts Season With Midnight Madness”

Kotchegna Dance Company Wows UMPI

Vado Diomande drums during his perfomance.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle’s students, faculty and community experienced an energetic night of African dance on Sept. 28 during UMPI’s annual Homecoming. The Kotchegna Dance Company took over the Wieden Auditorium for a spectacular show. The group, led by Vado Diomande, shared ancient stories and legends of Africa’s Ivory Coast, which were brought to life by dances and drums. Continue reading “Kotchegna Dance Company Wows UMPI”

Seniors Share College Journey in PCJ

Tong Liu, Meghan Legassie and Monica Hewitt

     Professional Communication and Journalism was recognized at UMPI’s annual University Day on April 11, through the perspective of three students in the program. The group of seniors shared their journey of the past four years they have spent at UMPI as PCJ majors. Monica Hewitt, Tong Liu and Megan Legassie shared their experiences and challenges with the audience through the projects and classes they had done. The trio expressed their story in a presentation titled, “How Did We Get Here?” These individuals have formed bonds and close friendships from their years working together in PCJ. Continue reading “Seniors Share College Journey in PCJ”

The Adventures of a Service Dog

Alyssa Sinclair, Garrett DeLong, Saint, Dr. J, Megan King, Tiffany Smith, Brandy Smith

     Five UMPI students presented their work, “The Secret Life of a Service Dog,” during University Day on April 11. The group focused their project on Saint, a black Labrador, who is a service dog for Dr. Jacqui Lowman. Each group member picked a form of social media to share news on Saint’s daily adventures as a service dog. The goal was to inform and educate the public on what a service dog is and spread positivity through service dogs such as Saint. Group members were Brandy Smith, Garrett DeLong, Alyssa Sinclair, Megan King and Tiffany Smith. Continue reading “The Adventures of a Service Dog”

A Day to Celebrate Mexican Culture

     The well-known Mexican holiday known as Cinco de Mayo is a time for Hispanic culture to be celebrated all around the world. Every year on May 5, Mexicans join hands to honor the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on that day in 1862.

     Cinco de Mayo is a time for all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to reminisce and celebrate the freedom they now have because of the brave soldiers who fought in 1862. There are many ways to celebrate this special day. Parades, food, music and thousands of fiestas are held during Cinco de Mayo. All through the United States, Mexican-Americans hold gatherings and events celebrating their culture. Events such as the Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles are held every year. The Fiesta Broadway attracts over 100,000 people as Americans march the streets in pride of Mexico. Continue reading “A Day to Celebrate Mexican Culture”

One of United States’ Biggest Scandals


The events of the 1970s Watergate scandal are known as one of the most controversial events to take place with the United States government. The groundbreaking story starts with a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in D.C. and goes up to the resignation of former President Nixon. The film “All the President’s Men” shares the Watergate story from the perspective of the two journalists who exposed the events through The Washington Post. The movie was adapted from a book written by the courageous journalists who covered the long, intensive story, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. These men spent countless months covering this story, putting their lives in danger. Bernstein and Woodward fought for freedom of speech and press during their time covering a story no other journalists were following because of the risk they faced. Continue reading “One of United States’ Biggest Scandals”