Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

I’m back, school is in session and that can mean only one thing: summer is over. I hope that you all are finding your groove, getting back into the swing of classes and hopefully avoiding the nasty cold going around.

It’s starting to get chilly up here, but don’t fret: it’s pumpkin spice season! Live it up outdoors while you can.  Before you know it, we’re going to have 12 feet of snow. Get out there and support our sports teams.  The women’s soccer team, for one, is off to an amazing start. Go Owls! Maybe get a group of friends together and tromp around Goughan’s Berry Farm’s corn maze. There are so many options.  Oh, how I love fall.

Yours truly,

Abi Davis

“Editor’s letter”

Hello folks,


I can’t remember the last time I’ve read something as emotionally powerful as “Charlotte’s Web.” I’ve searched the bottom shelves of children’s bookstores everywhere and nothing comes close. That pig and that big-hearted spider have changed my life and ruined any other piece of literature until now.

This issue of UMPI’s University times has stories so wild and so moving that they make “Charlotte’s Web” look like it’s made for babies. These students have real talent and I wouldn’t be surprised if among them was the next William Shakespeare.



Editor’s Letter

Dear Readers,

     There is no greater reward for finishing your finals than winter break. Being able to celebrate the holidays, take a deep breath of relief and spend time with your loved ones makes all the hard work worth it. Fall semester is a tough one, especially since it turns into winter semester very quickly. Make sure you get in some rest and relaxation over break so you’re prepared for when spring semester, which is really still winter semester, rolls around.

     The issue we put together for the end of the semester is always a difficult one. All of our U Times staff are busy with finals and prepping for the holidays while also producing content for the paper. It’s a difficult balance but they do it so well and they deserve a big thank you. The best way to thank our great writers is to be great readers. Take time out of your break to sit down and read the stories they’ve written,. I promise they’ll be worth every word.

Happy Holidays,

Brandy Smith