Students Continue Work on Adventure

Throughout the fall semester, UMPI students have put in countless hours helping local nonprofit BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential with its Appalachian Trail Adventure.

“I’ve reached out to a lot of people,” UMPI student Brandy Smith said. “These people were going to be involved with BEYOND LIMITS and lead us to others who want to be involved.”
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People Against Loyal Party Voting

Since it’s the time of year when politics are evident in nearly every household in this country due to the presidential election, there is always bound to be some discourse on all sides. This is regardless of which party you belong to or which views you possess. Most people who pay attention to politics look at the details of who they are voting for. At the same time, these people are registered as a member of a specific party, such as Democrat, Republican or Independent. The people who pay attention to what a candidate has to offer may not even end up voting for someone running for the same party they are registered as a member of at all.
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Making a Break for It

Once the fall semester comes to an end many students make their way home for the holidays. This gives them a four week break from the almost four months completely dedicated to their education. Whether these students are traveling three hours or three minutes away it is a much needed and sought after experience once finals are done and grades are set. There are numerous ways students spend their time once this break comes around.
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2016 Proposal to Raise the Student Activity Fee

The current student activities fee is $80 per semester for full-time students and $40 a semester for part-time students.  This fee provides approximately $90,000 to the Student Government Association (SGA) to distribute to clubs and organizations.  During the 2016-2017 budget request cycle, clubs and organizations requested nearly $190,000 in SGA funding, leaving nearly $100,000 worth of activities and programs unable to be funded.  In order to be able to provide additional funds to the clubs and organizations, SGA would like to propose that the student activity fee be increased by $5 ($2.50 for part time).  This increase would provide approximately $5,600 in additional funding per year.  It is further proposed that the $5 ($2.50 for part time) increase occur during each of the next four years, ending with the fall of 2020.  The actual fees structure would be as follows: Continue reading “2016 Proposal to Raise the Student Activity Fee”

Jim’s Journal The 2016 Election


Wow, after 16 months of campaigning the 2016 presidential election is finally over.  When I listen to the voices of people around me, I hear fear and excitement; I hear sadness and happiness; I hear concern and hope.  The feeling you have depends on your personal beliefs, who you voted for and what you want for the future. Continue reading “Jim’s Journal The 2016 Election”

A Standard Q&A


Election day saw a huge push for those citizens over 18 to make their way to the polls. Voter turnout for this election exceeded that of the last one by more than 3 million people, but still, it’s been found over 43 percent stayed home. In a small survey conducted within the residence halls on campus, folks were asked if they planned to vote or not and why.
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