You Will Now Be Able to Major In Memes at UMPI

     Memes have influenced our lives, whether we intended them to or not. This is why the University of Maine at Presque Isle is launching a brand new online program in the Fine Art of Memes. The program will collaborate with the Meme Academy and will take approximately two years to complete. Allowing students to earn an Associate’s Degree in the Fine Art of Memes.  Continue reading “You Will Now Be Able to Major In Memes at UMPI”

The Case of the Reversible Classes

     April Fool’s Day is traditionally a day to play practical jokes on others, send people on fool’s errands and fool the unsuspecting. No one knows how this holiday began, but it was thought to have originated in France. In the 16th century, people celebrated New Year’s Day from March 25 to April 1. On this day people will often see some strange but interesting things and some strange and fake scientific results that always are put there to mislead the public every year. Continue reading “The Case of the Reversible Classes”

Never Lose Your School ID Again


     Almost every student is guilty of losing their school ID at one point or another. This can be a huge inconvenience on the student as they cannot gain access to their dorm if they live on campus, they can’t get meals in the caf, check out books from the library or gain access to Gentile Hall. Because of the necessity of having your student ID at all times UMPI has come up with a great new plan which consists of tattooing students with their IDs, bar code and all. Continue reading “Never Lose Your School ID Again”

King Vladimir and the Knights of the Square Table

     In the Kingdom of Aissur lived King Vladimir and his faithful knights.  His most faithful was Sir Donald. Under Sir Donald’s command were Sir Jeffery, Sir John, Sir Rex, Sir Benjamin, and Sir Steven, his treasurer. They had all pledged their loyalty to the king and were rewarded for their efforts.

     King Vladimir was not happy with his measly little kingdom and wanted to take over the Kingdom of Adanac, ruled by King Justin.  The day had come when he would send his faithful knights to capture Adanac in the name of King Vladimir. He would send them out at nightfall but first they would celebrate his certain victory.  Continue reading “King Vladimir and the Knights of the Square Table”

Russian Investigation now comes to UMPI

President Rice with President Putin

     U.S. law enforcement, under the instructions of  the Supreme Court, are investigating new links between UMPI and Russia, as part of the broader investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential election of 2016.

     Sources from Washington, D.C., and the Kremlin have reported intervention between the administration at UMPI and the secret service of the royal Imperial Russian special forces. Continue reading “Russian Investigation now comes to UMPI”

Chewing Gum: A Solution to Rough Roads

     Long winters are hard on roads.  Recently many potholes have been appearing across the streets of Mars Hill, Presque Isle and Bridgewater.  Fixing the roads during winter can be very challenging.  The cold weather can be dangerous to repair crews.  Snowbanks can make it difficult for crews to set up the equipment needed to repair the holes. Continue reading “Chewing Gum: A Solution to Rough Roads”

Upgrade Menu for the Cafeteria

     UMPI recently is developing the final draft of the UMPI Campus Master Plan. The purpose of the campus master plan is to optimize the use of resources to carry out and advance the best campus service by informing decision-making as regards amenities and surroundings. As Benjamin Shaw, chief business officer, said by email, “Campus Master Plan will establish a framework for future improvements across the campus, and serve as a navigational tool as we progress into the future.” Continue reading “Upgrade Menu for the Cafeteria”

UMPI’s Starbucks to Serve New Mystery Drink

     The University of Maine at Presque Isle will now be serving a Mystery Drink at our very own Starbucks in the Owl’s Nest. This Mystery Drink is full of surprises and will only be served for a limited time starting on April 1. The Mystery Drink has a variety of a thousand flavors that will burst in your mouth. These flavors could be very delicious or surprisingly disgusting. Continue reading “UMPI’s Starbucks to Serve New Mystery Drink”